My region is over run with old Factions transferring :(


I Hate to say this but I’m in the Shaw region it’s been around for 1.5 yrs and since transfer has opened up we have been over run with 15-20 older massive Factions. My fx were top 10 and are now well down the pecking order.
My gripe is it’s not fair that older factions/players have come here with 1-2 years more growth and experience and in my opinion what was a really nice region to play in has become very negative for me and the factions and players that have worked hard to get to were they are and to be just slapped back down by this new tidal wave and influx of factions and players has been really disappointing and putting so much time and effort into the game!
Just think scopely really messed up on this one and a lot of players I know are really disappointed and now thinking of quitting or now feel displaced and are trying to find a new home?
Thanks Scopely you got this one wrong :((:see_no_evil:


Takes the pride and arrogance into the ground :imp:


I feel you’re pain Jenkins is now a whale haven and it’s worse than when it was dying, debating on quitting myself they brought so much more drama to Jenkins and war is gonna suck donkey nuts, too many coiners, prestige 13 egos smh ffs grrrrrrrrrrrr


hello friends

You along with your faction mates are wlcome to join us in convington region :slight_smile:

some info on convington above !



Same in wilkison. Leave, that’s what we are doing. 2 factions already left and 5 more are going to leave, some in these factions are already leaving. We are going to a smaller region


Wilkinson is Troup on steroids and adderall lol the whole ocean is whale city there


Not really. Before bane and his crew came, the only big spenders were illuminati. Now bane and his crew control everything. All their sister factions spend. Sucks because Wilkinson was a good region, now its gonna die because they came. I give it a month before everyone leaves. All this whales say they want competition but are afraid to go to the very active best regions like troup. We will see if they really want competition once they have to move out of Wilkinson, beat they go to another semi active region and avoid other top factions like the ones in troup


We are starting to search around to see if there is a f2p region that would suit us! Let me know if you have any luck, all the best :+1:t2:


Why not ask where these whale faction where they came from & move there? May be whale free now.


Lol I see and hear their comments on line app most have come for comp and activity and to get away from bad regions! I don’t have a gripe with them just the way scopely opened newer regions up to everyone? Cheers


I am sure I am going to regret this, pickens had a dominating faction which got bored due Lack of competition and went to lowendes since there is alot of spenders there.
Now pickens is kinda laid back mainly ftp , otc the now no 1 faction has spenders but noT so much like the previous one.
We are not the most active region that would be a lie , but we are fairly active.


Go to rockdale. Drama free and not a lot of spenders at all.


Second of place faction from Irwin jumped to Wilkinson I think.


I agree Keego. It’s better than being a dead regiom but Crenshaw is now a little too overpopulated if that makes sense. I believe everything will balance out before its all said and done though


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Did you all think this wouldn’t happen though? They don’t want competition, they want easy mode/no adversity. That’s why I think all of you who are recruiting for regions you know have low whale activity are nuts. That’s pretty much advertising come in and disrupt the entire region.


@Keego Terrell region needs more active players. I got top 100 in raids there without using a single can :grinning:


which one may I ask?


This is the exact complaint I predicted when younger regions were begging to be opened. The responses from said newer regions was… we want more competition, we can handle it. :confused:


I knew transfers from day one were going to suck. All that’s going on now is the #2-10 factions that couldn’t succeed in their own region are looking for a place to move to and take over.

Transfers should only have been for the players trapped in a dead low population region. That’s it.