My opinion on pathways

For me personally it was a great event! I got Piper, got 150 gold mods, got enough bennidicts for like 4 more level ups to hit milestones and then chill, got enough bennidicts to ascend like 5 more toons, ascended like 8 toons, all my 5* are T4, my 6* are T3 or T4 or maxed and i finally got to S10 so that helps my leagues and i got Aiko from ascending a 4*. Overall amazing as far as what i got, very happy.

Loving this little redhead! :heart_eyes:

This event had some hiccups tho, people locked out of war and missing out on those, hordes was forgotten about and thrown in last second with dueling your own defense fixed to not count toward the mission, making everyone crash, so what was already a 24 hour event had the 2nd one canceled cutting people short of getting Lucilles which messed up lots of players. While i got lots of goodies, many were unlucky cause of scopely and this isnt a good start to these “promises.” If you got some goodies, that is great but others were cut short by scopely, let us not sugar coat it. These events need to allow more wiggle room and everything that is needed needs to be planned out and available, no reason for the 24 hour last second hordes that was making people crash all of a sudden. #playersunited is strong and will continue and only grows when you do these kinda things, it is in both our interests to make this game great! Please plan the next event out more and dont put something like hordes in as a needed thing to do the event and then give us a buggy hordes for only 24 hours!!! Plan more carefully. No more slapping things together and calling it an event!

How do you feel about pathways overall?

  • It was amazing!
  • It was horrible!
  • It was ok

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Would you like another pathways event?

  • No!
  • Yes!
  • Yes if planned better/less bugs

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TL;DR :man_shrugging:


Bennies for days

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Huge amounts of bennies and mods, got my piper too, overhaul was a great event if you exclude the bugs


I’m f2p and got piper so I’m happy, didnt buy any bags or offers, my fac did the first missions,.I got all the toons and ran the benny bags 4 times

would be other piper

it was an.ok event,.less bugs, lower mission for fac and more.hirdes would.have been.better

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Best event ever


I think this was the best event ever.

There were only two problems with this event:

  1. the alpha roadmap was too hard, especially for beginners and a lot of f2p. Really unnecessary. They are the ones who need piper the most.

  2. the hordes fiasco, while still very doable by players who are active, still put a huge burden on the casual f2p player. Fleeing a tournament is pretty ridiculous.

I’m quite surprised they put in a even a slight chance of players getting 20k coins without having to choose between rng or Piper. I know some players who got 40k-60k coins for absolutely no money invested. Kind of wild.


Hordes was a mess. I completed pretty easily as i kept buying cans from the league store over the past couple months

The event is terrible anyway. Easily the most time consuming besides war. They need to give players a skip defense button.


Only one I’ve not hit for the solo milestones is the last rm. So not sure I’m gonna get her… I’m also ftp

Do we know if they’ll refresh RM one last time after these ones end ?

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F2p and got her. Lots of mods and bennys. Had to buy a 300 coin offer for broken masks though.

It was a very good event. Some of the faction milestones are very hard to achive if you dont have a full faction and since territories crashes the game so often, a lot of members are willing to do this. Also the third roadmap was way too hard. If you would play to actually get the toon from that roadmap, you already need a lot better toons to finish it in the first place.

We dont what scopely will do anymore lol no coins still, guess their AOL dial up they were sending it on crashed :rofl: also i wouldnt count on it, look at what they did with the offers, taking away the good ones and giving the expensive worse deals

Good event got some good mods out of it and have 90 boxes of bennies mostly like. I had to buy 1 of each of those offers that were for 250coins for bandages and luciles but considering it got me to 300 and got 25mods and 10crates seems like a good purchase

According to their schedule, the next refresh in 3 hours will be the last one.

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Yea, i had to spend 500 coins but those were free from leagues to get piper and mods, etc. Well worth it.

If I had the coins to buy some offers, then I’d be excited, but because I just got coins for a Whisperer Mask bag and it isn’t in the shop anymore, I’m kind of pissed.

Looks like Scopely should keep this one, majority seem to be liking it🤗

  • Trainers for months
  • 4 new toons for my roster (ok, 3 of them are outdated and useless)
  • Mods, mods, mods and more mods
    For me was a cool event, just like the Michelle or the cupcake pathway. We need more events like this when the player effort is the key for the win, not his wallet

So you liked it because of the prizes?

Which brushes aside all the douchebaggery and dodginess of how they run it? (RickyGrimes put it best above)

Now think about how much you would have liked it would all the busy work… or maybe… Gasp… … if they tried to make the event fun!