My new team now


i got a few toons to my roster and heres my new team s7++ is the grade


Weak sorry.


nice @Anthony


thanks for feedback


Tilly Savage af, nice team grade tho keep building up ascend that Andrea


is this a brag post? cuz :face_vomiting:


no i just wanted some feedback


You guys are so awful :joy:


Sweet team. Any advice for mine?




Lol get a new team. Jk switch out Carl for a 6* when possible


Doesn’t look well-designed. Throwing your highest star toons together doesn’t necessarily make a good team. I’ve seen plenty of S3++ defense teams that are better than S5’s


love it, trying to do the same here but with two annas, carl’s missing


for defense, attack or both?


That’s a pretty good team, but you need a team like this…
Easily destroys Carl teams


With the right weapons and mods it could but lol


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