My message to the black hole


This game has always been about grinding. Grinding for gear, survivors, resources etc. etc.
It’s core component is to improve so you can compete and be rewarded, which will help you improve even more.
I have no problem with playing a game where I have to grind for several weeks to be able to compete.

I’ve played ALOT of games where the players had to grind to improve. (Diablo 3, Path of Exile, The Division are a few examples of such games).
I loved D3 and I played it daily. But one day something changed. The developers made a decision to make it harder for the players to improve. Thus making it harder for them to compete. That’s when I stepped away from the game.

Fortunately for them and for me they listened to feedback from the community and made improvements. They made the grind more rewarding again. And it was fun to play the game again.

What I’m trying to say here is that I don’t think you understand what you are doing to this game. Or maybe you do, and just don’t care.

This game is about grinding. Whether you are a f2p or p2p, you just can’t escape the grind. We grind to improve. We grind to compete and win valuable rewards so we can improve even further.

What the state of the game and the last events have shown me is that Scopely doesn’t want us to improve, or doesn’t want us to improve as fast as we would want to. By having us compete for ridiculously bad “rewards”. By having items that the player needs for a special item or character in milestones at ludicrous levels.

You have basically taken away the things most of us enjoy and play for, by slowing the time it takes for us to improve down to snailspeeds and not giving us rewarding items and characters. And we are only left with the grind.
An increase in the grind needed to compete.
An increase in the grind needed to be rewarded.
An increase in the grind needed to have fun.

And if your players isn’t having fun then they will eventually leave for other games.

The black hole that is Scopely has sucked the fun parts away from this game for me. The feedback is here in the forums. Loud and clear. But that is also sucked into the black hole and left in the void.

And what’s the point to keep grinding for something that isn’t fun anymore?

What’s the point of giving feedback if it isn’t listened to?

What’s the point of a forum that lets players and developers communicate with eachother, when the words of some are empty promises?


Oh very well written! Thank you for this.


Sadly…to Abyss it goes ( well written btw)


Ironically I quit D3 and this game and this forum reminds me of the Jay Wilson days. Maybe I’ll go back and pick up the expansion when I build my new PC, heard from a lot of people that though it took a while after I quit, they fired Jay Wilson and made much needed improvements and recovered

There’s a lesson to be learned here but I don’t think Scopely cares to listen. Players are willing to grind and put in work, but when things continually get made impossible, people quit. I uninstalled yesterday along with a few other players in top10 factions in my region, and everything I have read in line chats in various groups or alliances in my region, morale is at an all time low. Maybe lower than the first coin strike.

Well thought out and stated post.

It’s why we play these kinds of games. Grind, collect, improve, progress. Scalpley would do well to listen but sadly, add this thread to the pile of ignored, impassioned pleas, from players who want to play this game, want to spend, want it to do well, but are tired of seeing scalpley crash and burn it into the ground. Part of me wonders if it is intentional.

While I uninstalled and quit playing RTS, I will be frequenting the forums for a while. If only to see the looks on foxtrots face when he runs out of pancakes. And to warm my hands over the burning ashes of a once great game.

#players last


Couldnt have said it better myself
pay to win is becoming pay to play. 500k beannie reward,… beannies should be given out in abundance at this point,… i have 20+ characters stuck there. basically no point in logging in right now if you dont spend money.


Thank you.


Thank you


Not to mention Beanies can be had with scavenger missions and a roadmap


Too bad this will only be seen as another negative complaint thread. I loved the game. I am addicted to it like most of us are.
And I hate seeing games that I love rotten from the inside.
I wonder if Robert Kirkman even cares that a game based on his masterpiece is being ran through the mud only to bring himself and Scopely more revenue?


This very topic is being discussed in my faction’s Line app group right now. Grinded thanksgiving map, not to get the prize. Grinded plastic pieces, won’t get the prize. Grinded for Dwight and his weapon, won’t get the prize. Grinding boring maps with no results…is going to kill off your players.


You said this very well and hit the nail on the head. Good job


No results or unrewarding results.

I don’t want the best characters given out to everyone. It should be a challenge getting them.
A challenge that needs us to play smart. To use our experience and rosters to get them. Not just by grinding and spending the most.

Faction Assault is challenging. The right kind of challenge in my opinion. But the rewards are so lackluster that the grind needed to get there just isn’t worth the time spent.


Very well said. Thinking back, I wonder if one reason these awful prizes began is because of Viktorgate and Scopely’s fear that the incident would lead to decreased revenue, especially from Premier Recruits. They haven’t had coin “sales” since, either.


I don’t think the bad prizes are the result of one bad incident. I think it’s been decided for a long time. And a part of their strategy for the game.
But who knows but Scopely right?