My Member Campaign

Hello Everyone.This is Smooky…and I have to say 6 words…Get My Αss on the council…I got 4 years of experience with this game and other positions like this in real life.I will represent the F2P side like No-one will.I got the powers.I got the stashe.

I’m afraid the 15 PC members are already picked. I mean, it’s not like they can somehow magically buff the overall number to 16. That would be impossible

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We could increase the number…or even better …Re-elect them cuz scopley choose the members…So should we trust scopley?

You have nuked how many line chats? Been banned from the game how many times?

You are the absolutely last player I would want representing us.


Nuked 4-5 major line chat with a freind and been banned twice…I can represent anyone

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We will get to know in coming days and weeks, if PC are able to bring about changes beneficial to all players in the community it will be a success, if it only caters to whales and top players while ignoring the mild spenders and f2p, it will be failure and just a stalling tactic by Scopely to retain the fleeing whales and further milk the game to death. Well one way or another f2p will get their answer, either this game improves or we leave. #PU and PC are the last stand.

How do we know you have the stache?

I don’t think you all realise what power the player council does/doesn’t have. It’s not like they holding shares to the company, or are on the board of scopley overseeing decisions being made to move forward! Lmao

It just like a beta focus group scopley will more than likely relay plans already in the works and 99% established to see if the product there putting out will work or appease majority.

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Well you got my vote


Yep its just lip service. And apparently a last ditch effort to keep well known frustrated players from quitting.
Unfortunate, i had so much hope when #playersunited started. Im still not really spending, but the few positive changes made since pale in comparison to the persistent bugs, Sclass buff, and terrible events like toc, summer tokens, strike tokens, and arenas.
Ive lost all hope for this game, ill ride the ftp ship until im no longer relevant or having fun

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Gotta wait until the next election

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