My level up stack at 152

My level up stack at 152. It said “Max level”!!!)

Why do you post your account code


Message support they’ll probably help you

Having somebody’s account code is useless. I couldn’t even get back my own lost account with the account code and a receipt.


Ohh okay

Had the same problem closing out of the game and back in should fix it

Restarted app always happen

Thankssss ^^

One time, a long time ago, someone social engineered support and hijacked the account of a YouTuber who showed it in his videos (inadvertently).

It’s not really an issue any more, but it still stresses people when they see account codes so I usually will go back and obfuscate it if I see it. I was too slow to get this one though :smiley:




sadly the new way and issue is devise duplication id with emulators copying real ids fully removing facebooks links from accounts without doing much. codes dont matter anymore with duplication ids. This how accounts are stolen by rus hackers daily.

Suggest putting 2 step on your facebook goes for everyone aswell.

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