My legendary pete will become redundant

Looks like the attitude from chumley is ill be able to use him with my S class pete? Lol huh? These guys are so piss poor in service to their community. They can’t be playing this game. For real impossible!

??? Bro what in tarnation you talking about


That’s what I’m saying, I read it like four times and still can’t figure it out.


I write all together paragraphs and people can understand em. This I don’t know what the actual fuck he talking about.


OP might be saying if he paid for a 6* Pete and gets the S class from museum the one he paid for is pretty much obsolete? I don’t speak tard fluently but I think that’s the gist of it


Not hard to figure out what is being said here, maybe some of you should go back to school, perhaps 3rd grade.

6* Pete can be used still but yes will be obsolete soon and only have use really on sr or something, even s class pete is getting old but thats how this game has always been, tho not at a rate like this where like each month toons are outdated. This is one of the issues PU talks about for example, it’s frustrating for f2p and spender alike, the meta and these toons coming out is changing way too fast.


Dang chaos we just got Cool guy’d again.

We understood that part genius it’s the rest of the thing that doesn’t make sense but thanks for chiming in.


Being dicks to people always a winner on the web.
I also had a hard time getting what was said, thought what does pawn stars chumely have to do with it. But also figured maybe it’s a foreigner using translate.


Wasn’t intended on being a dick, but often comes off that way. Just trying to help decode the message

I was not trying to be rude to the guy who posted originally. I automatically assumed that since he uses the name Semper Fi he’s American, never thought that he could be foreign and that’s my bad. I was just hoping he would explain to us who he is referring to as the community and Chumley.

Why dont you respond directly to me so i can get a notification so i can see your egotistical remarks.

So which is it? You cant figure it out


Theirs another part to figure out

Theirs no other part to figure out


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Semper Fi is Marine talk and they eat crayons so, you have to expect poor English and treat like a foreigner\child.
(/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Military is a family. You would not understand the shit talking, brawling, and love we have for each other. Unless you are part of it.

Which is why i rolled my eyes :rofl:

I love the banter between branches. I am from a navy family and my father-in-law was a Marine. My dad and my father-in-law both served in Vietnam and the banter is hilarious.

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How do you get lost and in horrible situations?
Have a Army officer in charge.

I actually explained it right above you. It’s right up there, I was talking about their post, and we’re not sure if they’re foreign or not. See what I did there?

Well one branch that is equally talked down by all branches is the coast guard.

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You seemed to not understand, as well as others, i explained what was being said. If you need further assistance, feel free to ask and i will help the best i can