My Journey In The Walking Dead Road To Survival

You Guessed it! It one of those farewell paragraphs.
I will like to tell my story of my experience The Walking Dead: RTS. Please no hate or disrespect against each other’s comments or my thread I want this thread to show my experience and so maybe some people can relate. Thank you. Sorry if it’s so long but it would be your decision to read it all😌

I started in September of 2015/16. Back then obviously things were different there was no decap or all these other new specialists that we have today. I started playing the game frequently and started to grind the game the first event that I tried to get into was a Christmas event where you would have to collect ornaments. I didn’t get nothing useful as always. After I got to a certain level I joined my first faction they were all nice people and I don’t know if they even play today because I do wish I can thank them. I started to grow little by little and eventually I was making my way up the leaderboards hitting the “old” milestones for raid , war , and level ups. Eventually I moved to a new faction stayed there for a few months and moved 2 times until I found a faction I could call home. If any old members from (New Beginning) [White EN] Can contact me through pm I would appreciate it <— Sadly Transfered out. At the time 6*s came out I stayed in this faction for over 5 months or more basically until transfers came… Which basically ruined every region in my opinion. I transferred out to another region seeking more growth and I went to Chition [EN] I believe where Strictly Business was formed and I joined the top 3 at the time and I meet some person that was trying to recuit later knowing we would be transferring over 1 more region again due to faction failure. We moved and the same thing had happened again. So I left the faction and never really spoke to that person again. Although we did have a good time.
Eventually I would decide to settle in (Unamed Region due to privacy) and I would be in this faction for a month but good damn it was a good last month playing the game. I felt like after a long time I just needed to call it quits and focus on my future because I feel like playing this game takes to much time and grind now n days and for what a unbalanced game. I just don’t feel like the game is set up fairly. Unlike other games they nerf and buff toons weekly or monthly if they feel like something is broken. In this game that ceases to exist only nerf I ever seen was to wander (f2p) toon and I think it it kinda messed up to nerf a f2p toon and not p2p. But this was journey I didnt want to go into to much detail because i feel like it would take to long :pensive:

I will accept Farewells and Positive Comments :slightly_smiling_face:


Later dude or dudette

I do not have time to read the blah blah blah though





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It’s weird people can just leave and retire on their own, always gotta post and make a show about it


I wish you the best of luck!! I feel like good bye posts shouldn’t be against tos. People love or loved this game, everyone should be able to say good bye to it and thr player base.


Inb4 LadyGeek closes thread

EDIT: Farewell to OP


Leaving too buddy .Good luck and hope you get on to better things.


Good luck Musk, I put second foot out the door after this past CRW.

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