My issues with Survivors Club


Ah yes presumption of evil when anyone comments other than ones own view.

Did I say this was amazing?

Did I say suck it up?

Did I say it is a ‘free toon’?

Nah I just kindly placed my perspective on a thread.

Hate me all you want. I provided a rational view.


And when they demand this kind of money for there product and then not be there to make things right for there customers or effectively offer little to no customer service with there product is completely wrong


Oh no this was not a bashing of your views I just have noticed a a trend with some of ur posts not saying that they are wrong one way or the other but I’m just offering my two cents on how many people this will effectively cause even more problems for


Perhaps I’m fed up with the attitude received by others. If players are ‘outraged’ over every little thing (big/small/inconsequential), it losses its effect on providing meaningful feedback to the developers. Not to mention the attack the players attitude rather than focusing on persuading the developer to drive change.

… Regarding this topic…

What about those in the middle who would spend at a less extreme cost?

Should it only be the extreme 1% wheel or occasional $99 out of date toon offer, or can something slower, lower cost, and more methodical exist at a price point they may choose to go in on.

In all honesty, this won’t change the ‘whale’ line up. I suspect this’ll be more of a mid tier offering cause they’ll still want to get the big bucks from their wheel of misfortune.


I myself do feel this is more of a high end if not whale type of offer now if the price point was lowered I feel that people wouldn’t have as big of a deal with this and fortunately scopely being so greedy by making these premiere toons so hard to get is basically the problem while expecting so much money for the chance at getting one if they would only lower there costs and give better chances at getting these toons a lot more of the people would spend make a lot more money in the long run and effectively make the players a lot happier just like they started offering the one and 5 dollar offers I’m sure a lot more people choose to spend and I’m sure they had a lot more people buying them as well if only scopely would see this and act accordingly this would make things better for everyone


My biggest issue is that jb said there was a free shield coming. Sure it’s free but I mean come on. We all know it’s not free if you actually want to use it. I will wait to reserve my judgement on this club. I do think 300 a year is a lot for a game but there have been months where I have spent more than 300 so idk. If it takes more than a month or two to get the gear for Andrea, then I won’t join. I want to be able to use Andrea before more op toons come out.


Yeah that was a huge miss.

It’s like saying buy one get one is free.
Nah it’s just half off if you buy 2.


It might as well have bin a 3* sheild because either way u look at it a 5* sheild isn’t going to be useful what so ever



Microtransaction was huge when online games first came out but I’m not so certain anymore.

The mobile industry has clearly moved towards models that focus on fewer but high spenders. Scopely is just one of many that has done this.

I suspect there’s a premium cost range that maximizes monetary value. For instance if it was cheap a whale might only spend $5 per promo rather than $500. The cost of having everything would be low.

Look at the articles on Scopely. They’ve monetized $100 per active player. This isn’t every player paying, this is extreme spenders pulling up the average by a huge portion.


I think the reasons for them shying away from this is because they get charged everytime a purchase is made so they are trying to make the most they can just like when using a credit card in some Convenient stores there’s a minimum purchase because effectively they’re not making anything once they take out their cost of selling the item


I would imagine that the pricing point pushes it out of “casual” players appetite to spend.

For me this will create a pyramid system in the game:

Whales - subscribers and spenders.
Subscribers - “im paying 25 and not a penny more”
Free to play - everyone else

Essentially this will mean that unless you are willing to spend you will quickly be left behind. The gap between subscribers and everyone else will be too big to counter.


Been prestige 12 for quite awhile now and its probably gonna be a hard pass on the subscription from me. First before even considering it I need to know more details such as how long will it be before I can max Andrea. Either shaving 20% off that subscription cost or adding some coins into the mix would make it a bit more appealing. the daily premium pull should be able to be stocked up to say a max of 30 or you lose them. Lastly gear to t3 and t4 6s need to become more readily available or what’s the point? Even at prestige 12 I would say 5% of my coins go towards premium pulls so my roster is completely f2p and I have 18 6s stuck at t4 and t4.


Agreed. 1000%. If it takes 6 months, forget it.

Single wheel pull a day is meh. We know it’ll be rare and far between to get the offered premier.

Weapon parts from my understanding are the required parts and not the optional. So pk/tape still required.

Food doubled is meh. Won’t affect anything. Food economy is driven by farming gear. Doubling daily output won’t affect much.

Roster slots is meh. Nice to have but I can stay under that max.


This right here would be the only reason to get the offer and they shot and missed. Oh well. Glad they are making it easy to walk away.


I also have been playing the game for 3 years now, and, I don´t see how this membership affects F2P more than all the other bunch of P2P features of the game. I try to see the feature from both sides of the issue and would like to break down some of the advantages, all this, my personal opinion and experience:

x2 wood production
Wood is mainly useful to upgrade mods but there´s a limit on the scraps that can be gotten from that wood, And that limit affects all players equally, so I don´t see an advantage here. The real advantage for P2P players is in those offers with gold mods inside, and those have been up for a while.

x2 food production
This is useful for level ups and will be an advantage in that situation but I don´t think that solely the food you can get from farms isn´t enough to win a level up, especially in competitive regions. Gear has to be sold, food bags from previous tourneys have to be saved up… or bought. Or trainer offers have to be purchased, which I believe heavy spenders do mostly anyways.

Daily premier pull
Based on pull odds, and considering that promos reset every few days. The chances of getting a good toon from these is very, very low. The advantage I see is to have a better use for the 750, 1000 coins a player would have spent for a single pull, everyday on a specific promo (considering promo toons are up for 3, 4 days). These pulls can be saved up, which sucks.

Crafting without parts
These are not Crit success parts. So Duck tape, polishing kit, spray paint, super glue, etc. have still to be used. Most of the other parts can be crafted with the exception of a few ones that can be obtained by disassembling weapons and many players regardless have already a bunch of these piled up.
Don´t see a tremendous advantage here except saving a few taps to craft the required parts.

+ 100 character cap
I see this as a good advantage, but not a game-changing one. It makes level ups way more comfortable now and allows a better management of trainers, but again, there are other ways to avoid using all the roster space like keeping trainers in crates and again, heavy spenders get these crates and save them if necessary.

Unlimited team character cost
It´s been a loooooong time since the cost mattered. If team cost is a liability for a player then it must be a new player and there are plenty of other disadvantages for new players compared to tenured ones. This is maybe the least important.

Free human shield

2 points here.

  • Scopely said back in the day they wouldn´t release a character with both, a specialist and a leader skill because that would impact the game’s balance. That character was 5 star Tess when she was about to be released as a war reward.
    I guess there have been plenty of changes in the game that affected the balance, so they must have been said… what the heck… let´s do it. Never say never.

  • Is it free if the gear to upgrade her is only available through exclusive roadmaps?
    Well, we have to wait and see.
    This is how the roadmap rewards look now. The least that can be gotten is 6 per opening. A special radio is required to open the roadmap and that was given for free the first time.

We have yet to see if a radio can be obtained daily, if that’s the case, and the necessary amount of gear is the same as Tara (19), then… four days should be enough to get all the gear. But still, this is Beta, and who know how this will work. I guess the best is to wait for the feature to be released live.

Below there are other member exclusive stuff like a bag with goodies and mods with 50% chance for a gold mod. Extra coins have to be used for these…

All in all, I like the feature, as I think is directed to those players that spend around 20 - 50 dlls monthly… and being one of those players I find the Survivors Club attractive… but still have to think about it to get it.

  • It would be good or better if they give the exclusive toon to people who join the club every month not just only Andrea in the first time, so people can choose which month they want to have that toon or not,

-I’m afraid it will be like 5* greenshone who sit there in my roster waiting for her sword…
…it will take month…years… to teir Andrea to max


I doubt it will be that bad. But just to add to your point it shouldn’t become like the 30 day pass. Everyone got a toon for the first time they bought it. 4* Blue Carl? Can’t remember. But it was a one time deal. If it’s a toon every month or even every alternate month, it would make sense or else the subscription will probably end up being a one month deal for most people at best


This IS Scopely we are talking about, they will want people to subscribe for as long as possible, and as one person said, most SC perks are meh . Andreas gear will be behind a lengthy paywall.


I reckon they’d value her at min $300, so there’s 12 months right there.


T[quote=“Jules, post:65, topic:40012”]
[/quote]the double food and double wood alone will effect the f2p players in all the lvl upside the prizes they will win this alone will be a huge thing right there then plus the one a day pulls u get if u happen to be lucky that can add up to huge advantages just there not to mention the 100character cap