My issues with Survivors Club


Ive been here for 3 years and the beginning of the game. Through all the “-gates” like Wendy gate, the 3 yr token issue, and even the “dedicated players” only offer, but I’ve never seen something that appears so detrimental to this game’s life cycle than survivors club. Not only does this alienate f2p players more, but it essentially just reopened the gap between free to play and p2p that was somewhat fixed by giving coins in leagues. Additionally, the whole premise of “free human shield” is basically worthless. You need to get the gear to level her through the roadmaps, and I really doubt you’ll have the chance to get all the gear needed to level her completely in the free 7day trial time period. Meaning you’ll have another useless trophy character you can’t use for anything. Also, just showing a premium exclusive toon that has a leader skill and a specialist skill just shows how far it’s gone. Overall, this “feature” just doesn’t seem in anyway beneficial to the player base other than whales, who already dominate regardless.

My 2 Cents on the whole survivor club
Survivors club should be a one time fee Not a monthly fee



but but everyone is getting a free shield! sure it’s a 5 star worthless shield useless u pay to level, but its ascendable, scopely and jb didnt lie


Everyone agrees except the folks running the game who will pay this no attention. Sorta the best of both worlds, oh wait :roll_eyes:


So 30 day pass ??

This is overpriced compared to it.


No, but they pulled the old bait and switch because she will be useless as a t1 6-star and on top of the $25 per month you will probably have to spend even more to access her gear maps.


This ^^^

I’m not spending £25 a month for this.

I have a house, kids, car. I don’t mind the 30 day pass but this is some bullshit.
You say a “Free Shield” is coming, and again have a paywall.

Absolute scandalous.


It’s crap. I can already do a free premium pull daily through monthly pass and daily vids. Does anyone really need those other “benefits?”


it rained too much for too long!


i like it, saving it


Scopely has to state very clear how long will it takes to collect the gears to upgrade this Andrea to her 6 stats max everything max.


I couldn’t agree more this was by far the worst thing they could have done with this game I mean we knew they were all about the money but this has gone way to far and has completely disrespectful to there long time players


I don’t see this any different than any other premier. Just in this case you know what your getting.

The only unclear part is how often those Roadmaps run and what not.


Reopened the gap? The gap was nowhere near closing since the introduction on mods and massive power creep toons.

Mods just totally destroyed weapons players have crafted over the course of years. And for the record, I’m not saying this whole weapon special rng bonanza is good, but it gave players some advantages to play around whale teams.

Now the big spenders just run around with a full gold set with all the shiny mods because mods can be bought. And there are top notch resistance mods on all these toons.

Yes they are a company and yes they need to make money, but this has killed the game for many players. Every fight you see a shitton of icons flying around and because of bad coding all this stuff pops up out of sync, so that players have a hard time to follow up on what’s actually happening.

Then there is the power creep. It’s worse than in 5* era. Just compare Koa to Magna or Jesus. Or rushes of earlier toons to the amount of things a current Premier can do. Check out green Maim Negan and newer Maim toons. And on top of that they now got a toon with both a leader and specialist skill. I wonder what’s next.

Coins from leagues are nice, ai give you that. But in the end of the day, most players won’t pull a decent toon anyways, so this doesn’t really have a huge impact.


It’s the rainbow leader skill + human shield that really gets me. That makes this Andrea the most essential character by leaps and bounds.


Any trap needs good bait.


You know the Scopely brass is going to use this and say “look a customer likes it!” even though you were talking about the gif


Not necessarily. T1 6* can still be very effective behind the right composition. The stat difference has a marginal effect if played right.


The 5* ascendable is turn out to be as useless as the Prestige Michonne that you could only upgrade as you progress through prestige lvls. 98%of the players either fed her to another toon or sold her for food or supply points by now. Though i still have her but in a rwgion i dont even play in anymore. Im a f2p and yeah this a absolute garbage. Scopely is trying to rid the game of f2p.


Great points put across OP. When scopely file for bankruptcy I’ll be on paradise. The only way they are going to learn is by money.