My in-game chat is broken


My in-game chat is broken when i am on wifi it isn’t when i am on 4g. Anyone know a fix for this


started yesterday


Is it your home or work WIFI? If it’s work then a firewall is blocking the port used by the chat.


it’s my home wifi. it’s never done this


it’s doing it on my phone and computer any idea how to fix this @Eagle-Eye


I have a person in my faction that can’t see word’s in faction chat. Just like smiley faces and stuff. His started today


Yeah it’s not doing that, just won’t connect to chat server


Well you can use a vpn to get around it. Not sure why this is happening on your home network unless you changed your router settings or something.


yeah, nothing has changed that i know of grrr


no software updates or anything that would have changed my router


Try unplugging your modem avfew minutes then plug it back in ,make sure your WiFi has a password someone could be hogging the bandwith…


it does have a pw i did that. also tried releasing and renewing ip and factory resetting everything


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