My impressions about the update

Well, I still have 1,363 since pathways. Of course not taking into consideration how many I picked up from events and such since then.

I also can’t remember how many I had in total after that event but I want to say it was close if not over 2k.

That event was probably the last time I actually enjoyed the grind because it’s one of the few events that made the grind worthwhile.

Take this stupid flower event that’s going on right now. How is burning 30 energy for 8 flowers worth it? Oh, that’s right it’s totally not. Scopes are so greedy sometimes it’s embarrassing.


I’m not even close to be a Scopely fanboy, but as a honest guy I need to give credits for positive stuff. The new update is a huge improvement to make level up process more easy, fast and dynamic, not to mention the trainers stack on inventory leaving more space on roster.
If you are lazy enough to not farm survivals and use your training grounds it’s your problem. I’m doing 3m milestones for months on every level up without spending a cent on trainers offers.


Two things i don’t like. The cap on inventory for trainers and the new character profile. Rather have everything on one screen like it was

Edit: just realized active skill and AR skill leveling no longer levels the toon, costing point in level ups. That sucks


I like it so far just need to get some trainers to test it out.

yeah they do everything they do just to troll you specifically

:honeybee: off.

no thanks


nah, i made this account on this crappy forum to complain about scopely not giving me what i paid for. i did a chargeback because these crooks wouldnt help.

This is wrong! matching 2* toons gave 468 xp, first update BO 390, now 430 XP with BO (in the annoucement they say, Hey, we heared you and raised also the new 2*,3* trainers from 5% Bonus to 10%, YEAH, old matching bonus was 20%.

Mama can you hear me sing

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I love it actually!

Then quit? :woman_shrugging:t3:

I didnt know that last bit. Thats shit.

Found out as i leveled my second doc. Maxed both active and AR and he was still at level 1

Why should I quit? Because I think that the update didn’t bring the expected features in the optimal way?

The interface is clunky and worse, so leveling up my toons will be less thought through, might accidentally lose some toons etc… all some drawbacks, but I am not playing this game 4 hours a day for economy management and level up… I’ll be grumpy, even snarky, but I’ll adapt.

I’ll quit after the game itself (the tactical battles and the strategic choices for the team building) will lose their appeal. The heavy RNG push is eroding the entertainment level, but so far it’s still OK to play. Keeping my fingers crossed :wink:


I like it… i have space in my roster for once… yes I think they need to increase the caps. But on the whole I like it, and it’s quicker if you want to level a toon a lot… If you want to max a toon using 2* toons that previously would take a lot of back and forth, now it’s much easier.

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That’s bs.

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