My impressions about the update

Leveling up characters is now very boring. Just one more way to force people to spend real money on trainers!

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I like it. Its faster.

Main problem being its gonna be so easy to snipe in level ups


Not sure if converting trained 2* into trainers before they can be used for enhancement is speeding it up so much… also the toon report card feels clunky, with rush/active (level) not being displayed on the main screen, not being able to filter for non-maxed toons… overall a good step forward, two to the side and one step back :confused:


It’s fiddly if you use a lot of 2 stars. Probably smooth sailing if you buy a lot of benny boxes though. Seems very easy to overdo it and spend a lot of high level trainers quickly.

I like some of the new filter but can’t seem to search by persona, which is a little annoying

Like the roster space though. Maybe I’ll get used to it


If it showed in the filter the persona of the characters would be nice.

Would be nice to immediately see the rush and active skills on the toon, not tap an extra icon just to see if he can be used for the “level up character rush” mission…


Thats true. i have 12k 2*s as well… sigh

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I am shocked at how many lights and Ulysses I have. 40 Ulysses and 12 Liliths.

I started emptying my training grounds thinking, sweet, I can store these now, only to find the cap at 250 2 stars… which is kinda nothing

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Caps are far to low for no other reason than to force us to waste them on crap toons or lose out on gaining them from events once we hit the limit.

It also makes zero sense that they put all the trainers in the general tab. There is room for one more tab so why not do that call it trainers (duh) and put them there. :laughing:


Yeah. Definitely leaves a lot to be desired. Kinda feels like a half baked update tbh.

But hey having my roster back is nice

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I dont want them in the general tab either - I have enough things in there as it is, could have had their own.


Still close to 2k over the roster cap and even if I wanted to waste and convert the 1k+ Eugenes I got into 5-star trainers I couldn’t because of the lame cap.

There are some positives in the update but mostly I’m seeing negatives. I still can’t pick up anyone from my trainer grounds and now I also can’t even horde Lilith’s, Ulysses, and Benedicts because of the stupid caps.

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For sure having them tacked on the front of general just feels wrong

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You must have a ton more toons and trainers than me haha

I can thank Pathways for that and that’s why we will never see the likes of it again. Didn’t spend a dime and still have a crapload of trainers left.

Its only more way to do the game more pay 2 win and less fun,and the treiners are very bad only 490 in 2 star bo, but 2 star burt gives 1500.

Pete you actually get more xp from the new 2-5 star trainers than over the old way of using 2-5 star toons.

The values of Burt, Brady, Basil and Benedict’s are the same unless I’m mistaken.

Don’t confuse Bo with Burt. They are different. You can still earn Burt’s but you just need to convert your generic 2-star toons into Bo’s so you can level up your toons.

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People are still hoarding tons of bennies from that a year ago lol

Someone must have accidentally multiplied a figure somewhere on that event

Why dont convert 2 star toons to burt? Kkkk