My Impair and AP Down Buffs For Weapons

Impair and AP Down seem to be outclassed by AD and stun so why not make them more useful so we don’t see the same teams stacked with stun and AD? I run through impair teams and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team with more than 2 AP down weapons.

Impair buff: Impair now also disables active skills. With the release of active skills, impair got weaker.

AP down buff: We have impair, why do we need this? AP down should be changed to confusion that would last for 1 turn. Those anti-confuse toons would also gain a slight buff from this.

Does this look good?

  • Keep everything the same
  • Keep Impair the same
  • Keep Ap Down the same
  • I like these suggestions
  • I love these suggestions

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make a poll
hope it doesnt get deleted cause its a decent idea

Done, poll added.

No. Don’t actively change past things for the sake of it; let new metas change it.

Prior to 6s, the strongest special stats for people was likely stun, impair, AD, then AP down. The 6 meta changed it up, making AD slightly more useful than impair, but still more inferior than stun in most situations.

With new 6*s being released, with new kind of leaderships, ARs, and possibly new specialist skills, the meta decides which special stat is useful in that situation.


How can you expect the meta to change though without any big changes? It doesn’t occur naturally in this game. Also AD was stronger than impair before 6* came because Scopely finally released a 5* yellow human shield in Michonne. Another issue is that you’re saying a single trait being worse than the others doesn’t matter. How’s that fair to people who crafted their weapons? How has the meta changing helped toons like Gator and blue bleeding Governor?

Based on what I listed in my last paragraph? I think you severely underestimate how different each 6* actually is, based on how varying their stats can be in addition to their other mechanics. Look at how useful Double Attack became because of extremely high attack stats on 6*s? It was definitely one of the worse Tough traits one could have on their weapon. Now if that was an extreme example, look at Stronger Attack then. Also one of the worse special weapon stats became useful with the release of Multi Attack ARs, that can utilize special weapon stats.

In regards to AD being stronger than impair before 6s, I strongly and vehemently disagree. Before 6s came out, impair was definitely more impactful than AD. There was no easy way to cure Impair unless you have a certain healing AR, and that could be blocked if you were Impaired, by any means. With how shield characters were in the 5* era, basic attacks was rarely fast enough to take down a shield character before the enemy could decimate your team. The 5* era itself, was largely about fast and devastating ARs. Scopely also released a 5* Tough shield in Garrett, so I don’t see why just because there was Shieldchonne, AD was extremely stronger. In fact, the only reason why you’re probably annoyed more with AD now is that you’re seeing it in combination with Shieldchonne more than usual because she recently became a F2P character with the ascendance upgrade. Ever heard of causation doesn’t mean correlation?

I’m not saying that a single trait being worse than the others doesn’t matter, but rather you can’t expect everything to be perfectly balanced in a game like this, much less in any game. There is always something that will be unbalanced due to the shifting meta. What about “bleeding when defending”, “ATK Down when defending”, “DEF Down when defending”? Many of those special stats have been relegated for one reason or another.

Since we’re also talking about seemingly trait specific weapons, in the past and current meta, hands down “Stun when attacking” is easily 10x much better than “AP Down when defending.” Shields aren’t a big deal right now, so why are we relegating ourselves to just discussion with the best special stat to use on shield characters? The point is, AP Down is clearly not the strongest defending special stat for Strong characters, but what Strong characters lack, they make up with one of the strongest offensive special stat in “Stun when attacking” as well as a unique special stat in Revive. Just like how Fast characters have “%AP” special stats, that were useful in specific situations, they also have AD.

And how has the meta changing helped characters like Gator and Tough Governor? They’re getting 6* versions… That’s going to be most useful they’ve been since their release, since they were largely not useful to begin with.


You really need to work on your polls , there so biased towards your way of thinking its laughable, thers no option for me to go this doesnt look good, but 2 options to say i like this.
You also need to stop your crusade about abs defense your in the minority on your views, it doesnt matter how many times you bring it up the results are the same

In my opinion impair and abs are on the same level, stun is the best , and ap the worst i do think ap probably needs a buff of some sort i.e they gain no ar from hitting and lose an additional 30 ap ,but doing so would set a dangerous precedent for scopley and refunds.

Lol biased when “keep everything the same” is the same as saying you don’t like the suggestion, maybe you need to learn to read more correctly.

And yeah I’m in the minority but that doesn’t mean I’m not right so no I will not stop.

No its not, keeping things the same, is to keep things the same no changes at all if I don’t like the suggestion, I. E turning ap down to confuse, but want to see ap tweaked slightly I have no option In the poll, but I can agree with you 2 ways, that’s the bias there’s no negative option on your poll,

Even the wording of the question for the poll shows bias, does this look good? Has connotations suggesting that the change is needed /will happen, in scientific circles this poll would be invalided by these bias no matter the results due to the lean of the question and awnsers, and not taken seriously

If you honestly want to produce a fair poll you need to remain neutral and keep your feelings out of it,
So the question should be
Do ap down special weapons need rebalancing?

Do impair special weapons need rebalancing?

Should impair block active skill?

Would you like to see ap down turn into a confuse weapon?

If you did this the polls will show no lean or bias, it’s clear and consise and you can see what people actually think

And finally your crusade because you don’t like it and think your right, despite the majority disagreeing with you is your perogative, but it’s never gonna happen it’s a waste of time, scopley would receive way more backlash if they changed anything than praise so there is nothing in it for them

I prefer we change what we craft as opposed to changing the skills in the game. I have always focused on attack and have rarely been bothered by ap down, stun, impair etc

Double attack isn’t practical on defense. Also, you don’t need any specific type of toonfor stun or AD to be useful while with DA you do. Stronger attack also isn’t practical on defense. Multi Attack ARs in today’s “meta” is really risky since they’re many AD, stun, etc. weapons out.

I agree that AD was weaker than impair but up until yellow Michonne came out. Are you really going to say that a team with AD michonne would usually be worse than a team without a human shield? Blue Garrett was released but him with impair was not stronger than Michonne with AD. Impair doesn’t work as well with a human shield as well as AD does since AD provides more protection to the HS and since ARs were faster back then you could get your ARs off before an AD human shield was killed. Don’t forget that Priya was also a yellow and one of the strongest, if not the strongest, 5* out. So are you still going to say that AD wasn’t more useful than impair before 6* came out? Especially with all the priya teams that were out there? And no, I had a problem with AD months ago and so did many other people on the old forums.

You’re right, you can’t expect everything to be perfectly balanced in a game like this but you can expect atleast some semblance of balance. Also, compared to many, many other games this game has done a very, very bad job at balancing. They very rarely do make balance changes(1 balance update a year?) while other games make bi-weekly balance updates. And I’m not asking you to balance everything in this game but to balance one of the most important features in the game. You keep talking about the “meta shifting” but do know when and how Scopely will change it for impair and AP down? You just want to wait for something that could take years to come instead of just making simple changes so that the game is more fair?

Not sure why you mentioned stun when attacking when it’s weaker than stun when defending and AD. Also, did you really just say that shields aren’t a big deal right now? AD isn’t useful in just specific situations, it’s useful in nearly all situations.

Also, the meta hasn’t helped Gator or blue Governor since:

1.Gator and blue Governor getting 6* wouldn’t be considered the result of a change in the meta.

2.Their 6* haven’t been released yet so how does that work?

I also want to ask you…
Whats wrong with updating impair to also affect active skills?

You’re nitpicking, I thought up that poll in less than a minute since it wasn’t even there when I made the OP. How does the poll even have connotations of saying that the change will happen when the title of the thread is “My Impair and AP Down Buffs For Weapons” and even if it did, how would that impact those who voted? You’re suggesting that if Scopely said that these were impending changes that people would vote differently? Yeah that’s true but also shows how biased the community can be. Also, if I was being intentionally biased for my cause, why didn’t I add an option for peope who don’t like my changes but would like to see changes to ap down and impair? I agree, I could’ve made this poll better but I just rushed making it. There’s no bias there though, it’s just crudely made.