My ideas for improving the game

yea because I love shitposting and seeing how pathetic people can be…and because I have some freinds among here imo

At least you stopped your shit postings about begging for another Kenny character. :ok_hand:t3:


I still want him.

But I have stopped trying.

holpefully Kenny can find someone more capable then me to spread hes msgs

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Never stop believing :innocent:

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Trading toons and weapons will never happen. It’s far too vulnerable to hacking and cheating. Plus they would lose money so ruling this out is a no brainer.

Crafting toons will never happen. Nobody needs the ability to craft 5* toons. They’re virtually useless and if you need them there are various avenues without implementing a whole new feature.

You can basically craft any weapon you want (RNG permitting) in the armory so there’s no need for this feature whatsoever.

No offence, but if these are the kind of ideas you’d be bringing to the players council I don’t fancy your chances.

One thing would make the game better is a super sclass trainer or like trade 300 shards or ygl part 2 where you could instantly level up a 5 star or 6 toon to fully maxed no food no gear but also no levelup points so it is exploited. Only works on ascendace toons.

A second would be returning league back to how they were at the start. Coins and proper competition.

Third which ive said before make wars 6v6-8 as the basic match up system if you only fill 6 u get matched with 6 but if you fill all 8 you have the option to search for 8v8 if waiting time is to long 2mins it will default quickest match ups of 6v6 keeping competition alive and more factions fighting.

Yeah and that’s true

I had an idea last night. Legacy S classes. Make it so any 2 of the same 6 star character and 6k generic s class cards can create an s class version. Just oomph their 6 star stats to S class levels. Make no cosmetic changes. Maybe tweak a few things here and there for balance.

In my head this would be an easy way to add a pile of fun and variety to the game for very little work and create a market for old 6 stars and cards.

Maybe throw the community a bone by allowing any character specific s class card to be converted to a generic card, and clear up that issue too


Like it but make it a choice just in case you want to use them for LU ie 6* tier 3 for big points

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