My ideas for improving the game

I want to offer my ideas for improving the game, I have good ideas)

1.Trade Characters and Weapons
2. A new facility that can
upgrade characters to a maximum level
3.Craft Characters and craft weapons

I have one, offer a exchange for all my earned but useless spare shards🤗


Hah nice ideas)

Actual player vs player battles!


Not as fun as it sounds, long wait periods inbetween turns when you just know the person opposite is watching the effects cycle around. I get infuriated that the AI takes too slow on auto x3 lol


Yeah the way the only way to see status effects is waiting for the bubble to cycle overhead the toon is dumb

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Scopely don’t care to make the game better they get paid to screw us over

Trade unwanted S cards would be much better


stop trying to improve a bad game.

This game will never be fixed and they will just be milkin that sweet cash cow.

find something else to do…

either find shιt to do in real life or find a new game.

Hail Kenny

Hail Kek


He said, after quitting the game yet still posting on the forums. :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah,I agree, but I mean that supposedly you are a clan member and you can change weapons and characters with the clan members

^^ This

Trading excess shards should be priority 1. Anyone playing actively should’ve excess shards of some toons and they should be allowed to make it useful somehow.

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This forum is hilarious though :joy:


The first one as many people said before it’s a great idea just to exploitable.

The second is already in game you can increase your toons level level by level or just click max and it does it for you.

The third one is basically the trading ground which does need a revamp.
The being able to craft weapons part would be a nice addition though.

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No because players will make multiple accounts & swap all the good characters to one account.

Yes, currently theres no way to level a character to its maximum level…

It’s called training grounds & Armoury.

You’re trolling right?

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I mean, in the weapons workshop we only disassemble and improve, but what if, for example, we need to reduce 4 * weapons and to craft it we need 4 3 * weapons (without disassembling 3 * weapons)

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The same thing with crafting characters 5 * for example, I need Romanov 5 * for his crafting you need 5 characters 4 *

And at the expense of the characters of the maximum level, I mean that they can also be given league rings or made or come up with some kind of object that will allow us to give the character 5 * character level 6 * (except for s-class characters)

And about the exchange of characters and weapons, you need to figure out how to implement this