My idea of a Christmas Event


So my idea of a Christmas Event would have things I think would please players like myself.#1 6gear maps because we need to upgrade our 6s.#2 a wheel with characters like Christmas Lori,Santa Negan,Hunter,and Christmas Rick which would be a ascendance 6*option.


Unfortunately I don’t have any expectations. I was really let down with the thanksgiving event being just another roadmap. Instead of incorporating into raids and more milestones then just the one. I would hope for something with broken ornaments and candy canes from last year with those thing being changed into tokens with a wheel of some sort that isn’t full of 5* night vision goggles and camp stoves. I would hope for strictly toons and trainers and gear all ascension focused.


Good points.


Imagine something like the Slash tokens where there is a guaranteed 5* winter character in that wheel.



I believe you’re half right so far… if all goes according to plan.

&, I want to tell you all the holiday characters but I want it to be a surprise!!


So at least we are going to get Holiday Characters, right? :smiley:


Yes! and more!

We’re also working on a new Zeke/Shiva roadmap storyline – I am arguing it should be “Shiva Saves Christmas” but it’s not gonna fly. lol


When should we expect this Christmas/Winter event to start?


If axel isn’t Santa Claus, I’ll cry myself to sleep.


Hahahahah like I said once

Axel Santa
Gleen Elf
Shiva Rudolph

It would be awesome hahahah :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like it should be fun. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the sneakpeak @kalishane :slight_smile:


Please tell them to add snow to our base!


I say this with as much hope as I can muster. I love this game and the interaction it gave with other players that other games I had played lacked. I enjoy being at home and doing something fun with my time besides watching ID investigation lol but more then anything I have always enjoyed being able to still be competitive in a fun way and I always looked at it as any money spent was investment into the fun I was currently having. For instance going to the liquor store and buying a bottle for a friend’s night . I don’t expect that vodka to last for weeks on end. However this game became more of a long term investment. Knowing I won’t ever let’s say hold a prize that I won but that I had so much fun in getting that character. The competition through out the regions for crw and how it.brought out everyone in sort of a social gathering. Over the past 4 months each event, each thing that happens that was suppose to bring something exciting I would say personally was quite a let down. Long term players left 1 by 1 and soon the region was down to really 3 main factions that would go all out for events . I think of all the events in the past and I never remember being so disappointed time and time and time again. Sure everything wasn’t perfect but overall I enjoyed that expierence. Telltale tokens, the different raid events for parts for bags, walkies, flak, etc , just fun little things that incorporated all aspects of the game. I understand why the reasoning behind these level ups, offering things all the time, however there’s a fine line and I don’t think that excluding every other part of the game is the answer. I hope this Christmas event has all different things involved. Territories, raids, war, roadmaps, dare I say level ups, even faction assault. I think since territories opened there’s been 1 event that we had special areas unlock. Please I’m actually begging do not make it another event with a few road maps and a few token pulls…


Ezekiel is this time!



please tell me those toons will be on a wheel!


With Rudolph Shiva :smiley: