My Game Won't stop crashing

I was playing and then i went to beta and my game started crashing now i can’t enter the game anymore and i’m stuck in beta with a game that doesn’t even enter anymore

I have the same problem ! Help please !

If they warned me that beta could f*ck our normal account i wouldn’t become a beta player

Just discovered beta isn’t yhe problem the problem is the offer with mods from beta

Yes i have the same problem

So your saying beta IS THE PROBLEM lmao

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Same problem here,hope scopely can fix quick time as possible this issue!

A mi me pasa igual… Entre en beta y fallo… Se salió del juego y ahora es imposible entrar

Im having a similar problem. I was starting to work more with mods in beta when tlmy game crashed. Now i can’t even get in to look at my game let alone do anything on it. I need some serious help on the fly.

similarly, the same problem :crying_cat_face:

@kalishane, is anything being done or looked into on this matter. I have a perfect login streak and stupid as it sounds i dont wanna lose my 664 day streak

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@Beast32387 For me the game was like that because of the free mod offer in beta and when it ended i got to enter again see if you can enter after a few hours

This started for me about 5pm yesterday

I was helped by switching my native language to English, switched from beta to main region, and switched back the language

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Like the language on my phone. Cuz i cant get into the game on any level

I tried changing language. Didnt help. Still cant get on

Same problem here,but solved in 3 hours

Has any1 in here whos is having the game crash before it opens get it fixed? And if so, how?

Try changing the device language to English to get around this for the time being.

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My language is already set to english, and ive tried changing it to 2 other languages then back to english both times. Still nothing