My game keeps restarting


After updating the newest version (, my game always restarting when I finished farming, so I can’t farm anything for faction level up now, it’s very frustrated! :frowning:

I tried clearing the cache, reinstalled the game, and my internet is good, but this problem isn’t fixed :frowning:

My energy is almost full now, but I can’t do anything with them, it’s terrible! :frowning:

I hope you can help me soon, looking forward to your response.



Myself and a few others in my faction have the same problem. Support says reboot or delete and reinstall, we know that won’t fix the problem. So now the beta testers get screwed during a faction event that we now can’t farm to help with.

Update. Can farm in beta without game resetting but that doesn’t help me farm in my main.


Yeah, I did everything the supporter said too, but this issue is not still fixed. My energy is full now but I can’t do anything with them, it sucks! I’m frustrated now. I hope they will fix this bug soon. :frowning:


Im having tge same problem. Tokens seem to work fine. But, as soon as i try to play thru, it resets on the victory message.


also having this problem after updating beta.


Same. Unable to complete maps.


Same here. Really glad I can’t Farm during a faction level up. Thanks Scopely!!


I’m also having the same problem. Can do a single world map stage.
Can’t upgrade my characters because I can’t farm.


Bump. @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan


Same here!!! Please have this addressed @kalishane!! :cry:


Dont worry… they are looking into the problem and taking it to the team…

Compensation? No… does no work for you…



What a joke, still resetting after each stage


Same problem. Get this fixed up please.





Methinks we need some sort of weekend scopely/lugo representation, @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan.


Same here…no way to finish a rm or other lvl without the game restarting and losing everything i found…
Funny thing is that started at the new rifle parts rm at stage 5. First 4 stages did work normal.


I posted this to our dev chat to bring attention to this issue, but I myself am unable to do anything during weekend.


Thank you.


I shouldn’t update the version, now I can’t do anything, I never let energy go like this, it sucks! Now I can’t farm in 2 days, that’s terrible. :frowning:

The faction level up tournament is on and I can’t farm 7.4 to get more gloves, so my 3 training grounds are out now, I’m very disappointed now


Agreed stinks when the players who test the game get stuck in a glitch that more than likely won’t be fixed before the faction event ends.