My Game graphics is broken

Game: Walking Dead Road To Survival
Player Name: Klaragrace
Faction: JAH Army
Region: Asia/India
Device: One Plus 5T
OS Version: Android 8.1.0
Platform: OxygenOS 5.1.7

My Game is completely broken. I have already sent email to on Nov 24, 2018.

The Game’s graphics is completely off. It look highly distorted. I have switched the Faction and I am facing the issue ever since (Nov 23, 2018).

I have tried removing the cache, Re-installed the game however it didn’t help at all. I am attaching the screenshots. Either respond here or respond to the ticket I have created.


I have the same device and software versions but I have no such issue :thinking:

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Thank you. I have no idea what had caused this… The game is completely distorted.

if it hits my app i tap the “recent button” then tap the game and its fixed

Hey… Thanks you so much. Can you walk me through? How to do it?

probably doesnt work for you cause you probably tried it already. one of the 3 buttons on the phone. not back, not home but the 3rd, recent (two rectangles for me). your problem is probably more complex. i hit it, tap the game and it fixes itself.

think about what have you installed in the mean time, including updates. probably something interferes.

Same here few times a day, one+5. Change your fontsize in settings menu -> Display. This will fix the problem. I’m switching from standard to small and once the problem occurs again back from small to standard.

This happens to me occasionally but only when i use Parallel Space(an app to have 2 of an app),it never happens on the main app.

Have u tried to reboot ur device?

There is issues with some phones natural landscapes.
Some phones have a game scale mode. I dont know every make and model. But I do know my it g6 has the feature. Perhaps it will fix your issue

I have tried it. It didn’t help. Probably what Osmudo said makes perfect sense to me. I may need to give it try. Thanks all of you. :slight_smile:

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