My game crashed before I could finish the roadmap and it took away my crossbone

Did anyone else had this happen?!?! :rage:


Wasted 65 bandages, crossbones safe. Support keep silence.

Silence is an answer.

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Same here

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Silence better than winter mute.

Support will just tell you they will they are working on it. Same happened to me


Ye nothing changing, like fixing territories forever.

Still waiting on support here…but i can tell you that i tried it again and this time it crashed, it took the crossbone.

A few folks have been experiencing this, but a few kept pushing their support tickets (don’t take no for an answer) and have gotten their materials back (including crossbones).

Don’t give up!

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Also, if you’re about to use one on the maps, I’d take screenshots or video just in case it glitches. That’ll make it faster for you to get reimbursed since you’ll have obvious proof.

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Same here.
Wasn’t even allowed to enter and they still say is under investigation.

Same with me have 8 crossbones and Visual glitch says only5 support isnt helping.either

Same here around 6 hours ago, last stage ends and puff, game clashes and restarts, I lost 2 cross ones already there, and the mask where used ofc :(.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @Andrea_Scopely

Can anyone let these guys know how to best get to the correct person with the right info in order to get back their supplies??

We dont just want the supplies…what good are they if you cant get the blue crate…?

I either want the blue crates that i spent for or a refund on those offers. There’s no point in me spending any more money on those offers if the game keeps crashing…

I just got the same anwser back so with this and the holow word of scopely they can put these crosbonnes where the sun dont shine this is a horrible game company that just dont give a fck about there players, shallow words money grabbing thiefs


They never give that back…next step is refund on the purchases made for a faulty product?