My frustration with event descriptions

First I will say that I do appreciate the effort to communicate detailed information regarding special events. For the Lilly event, I believe, there was even a quick guide on what was needed to get the collectibles.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or have too much to think about, but I cannot for the life of me figure out these events sometimes. I literally wait until someone who has great reading comprehension skills or experience with Scopely events to tell others what it is they are supposed to do. If I try to sprint off on my own, I usually head off in the wrong direction.

For example, this roadathon event. The “race” and “speed” aspect of it was so emphasized, that I did just that. Totally missed that finishing the quickest is an asterisk. Wasted cans and time rushing through the event. It wasn’t until people started to finish the event, did one realize that finishing perfectly is what should have been emphasized.

My teammates and I were debating if the event actually went live or was changed last minute because the description didn’t match the gameplay. It said 25 stages, but it was regular SR. 25 stages x 5 levels. I kept going anyway because the titles said roadathon. But that just goes to show you how often things are wrong. You can’t make a good judgment call on if you’re misunderstanding what’s going on or if Scopely messed something up.

So here I am. Down like 20 cans AND ranked 51. I could have completed this as a normal SR event and would gotten the same rewards. That’s the killing part.


You’re not the only one. There were a handful of people in my region that finished the whole thing in an hour. Which happens sometimes anyways but it was more wide spread.

I feel you, in fact, it was “easy” mode SR.

If you actually checked the enemy attributes, they are lower than the standard.

There were stuff on that blog post, some things were implied, hard to pick out. Eg.

First stage completion: 1 point + Bonus Points (Bonus points increase the further you progress)
Repeat stage completion: 1 point

This implies that the scoring mode is exactly the same as nightmare. Which means you would have the best score if:

  1. You could finish all of the stages with 3 stars
  2. You drop the most cans after that for repeat completions

They also said this:
Over the next couple of weeks, you will face Solo Survival Road Events of increasing difficulty and length. The winner will be decided by who reaches the last stage in the shortest time* and reaches the highest score.

And bolded “Shortest time” and conveniently said “highest score” in the same line. Which is a half truth and a veil over the eyes.

Then they said, in the beginning of the post:
It’s the race of races and speed is what counts!

No, it’s the number of cans you can burn for this event, that is what counts. At least for the easy and normal stages.

At the end of the day, this event is for Scopely to sell more SR cans to the whales.


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