My faulty war bucket!

I am not normally someone who likes to have a moan I generally just like to get on with it and enjoy my game but I am growing tired of having to spend each war to do what I love to do and that is war I am never up on war cans so this morning i decided to compile a list of my can drops i play in juggernauts so I’m in a decent faction I usually place 2nd or 3rd and can probably hit 90 odd % of teams I have fully based this on my last 10 wars
Possible chances at can drops
Towers = 10
Hits = 60 - 10% = 50
War bags= 20 we lost 2 games = 18
Possible chances at gaining war cans = 78

Actual war can drops = 5

I personally think this Is discusting and it will eventually lead to my retirement if things dont improve I know players who have 100s of war cans who war as much as me so I dont understand why my account isnt receiving the same I war hard and always go above milestones and yet generally have pay to play


*can drops

Thank you for not pointing out my terrible handwriting :blush:


In all seriousness though I’m noticing the same thing. Over last 3 war weekends I’ve gone from 100+ cans to less than 50 despite being MVP 90% of the time and always hitting towers.

Finally opened all my war crates from last 3 weekends and 1 solitary can.

Think I’m definitely in the same bucket

My bucket seems okay. Haven’t kept track but definitely getting war cans regularly.

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Maybe you should compile your own list then. The only way to get answers from scopley is if more people complain. I definitely know I’m not the only one out there.

Yep I’m gaining cans

I’m in the same bucket as you, I get mvp 90% of the time and that’s the only can I get, war is seriously boring without cans

Same for me as well

I used to have that problem all the time, however I’ve found that in the past few months the can drops have been slightly more generous.

The problem for me so far in this war is my mod resists, AP drain mods and 3rd slots for my weapons are hardly working in comparison to the defending teams if at all. I’ve also had quite a few visual lags, like camps being destroyed but their image is still standing and toons being killed through guardian shields without focus (I play in x3, so maybe I’ve been hit once before the AR and the animation hasn’t kept up to speed).

Do you stack towers or ghost? You get a lot more cans if you dont leave def and retake towers

Ghostbuster towers
I hit all milestones and increased war cans by 20 this weekend

This war gained 38 war cans (still have a lot of war crates unopened, so potentially more). The war before this one was the only time I ended with a negative war can balance.

Plus 50 cans this War, but I probably was MVP 50 times and I attack towers always, so it’s hard to judge

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