My customer service

This Marie, she is killing it! Every. :clap: Single. :clap: Time. :clap: She responds quickly and gets it sorted out. Personally this is my 3rd time dealing with CS and I’ve not had any issues, i know, i know, I’m crazy or whatever since i personally havent had issues with CS but each time it has been great, maybe ask for Marie, she handles business. :+1:


Marie needs to refund me my world energy. Just saying.

Well maybe Marie can step in for jerhold and actually fix our faction that was lost in transfer. Instead once every 24 hours jerhold responds with a question

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Oh yea Jerrold ive seen some fac mates get him, he needs to be fired.

My favorite response from him is I’m sorry you are unhappy with region transfer.

Yes I should be ecstatic wave 3 opened for less than 30 hours, regions were closed that should have been open and we lost our faction.

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Please tell me he at least said, “keep surviving” some where? It’s like the scopely slap in the face lol

Nope. Lol. We messaged and said hey our faction is lost jb said to reach out to support and you will fix it.

His response: so is your faction back now.

We shall wait until tomorrow for the next response

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