My Current Feedback


This is current feedback on hot button items that should be addressed based on my opinion and the players that I talk to regularly in my region and a couple others as a leader of a #1 fac in NO real order:

*Where are the Dwight rifle parts if we didn’t get them. If we are screwed fine just say so. I’ve scanned the forums for a while now and havent heard more then we are looking into it or maybe. I know myself and many others didn’t finish it out…I don’t even know what I didn’t do to miss out as I usually get most milestones, etc.

*Right now there is not enough diversity in the game with toons. Six stars are just too powerful not to have at least 3 or 4 if not 5 in your lineup. Listen I know some of you who spent a bunch of money on pretty 5s who were powerful several months ago are still insisting that ‘your teams work’ but they don’t. From someone who has beat the shit out of said stacked 5 star teams in CRW several times now I can tell you that.Right now the meta is ‘Carl lead melee team’ and ‘Mirabelle lead ranged team’. that is BORING scopely. We need more options for leads, I know there are more coming but that needs to be fast tracked. Sick of seeing mostly the same teams over and over.

*6 stars in general. Whoever at scopely decided to BUFF 6 star toons previous to one of those CRW a while back really needs to rethink that decision. These things were dominant before and after the buff are now just slapping around 5 stars like they are 1 stars. It shouldn’t be like that…should still be competitive. Then all those 5 star bad ass team players would not be griping so much. Now I know that a lot of this was brought on by the players…yes take some responsibility please. If you reread a lot of the posts on the forums (the problem which most of these people posting didn’t even HAVE six stars yet or like just t1 free zeke) were complaining that the AR was too slow and they weren’t that good, etc.

Hell even some of the more widely known you tube people were saying 6 stars looked weak. I mean are you joking? Take one look at those base stats guys and gals even before the big buff. Tone them down! And this is coming from someone who has a stable of these guys.

*Drop rates on WAR cans. OK people like to war, it’s the favorite thing to do by many. That being said war can drops should be a bit higher. I understand needing to make money but enough people will still buy these things for that. More drops = more people warring and having fun doing it = more cans they are buying as well and the more active they are in the game.

*Duct tape and Polishing kits…a somewhat regular roadmap is NEEDED to drop these. Once you already hit the high levels and don’t have that constant stream that you get as rewards for level ups it makes it extremely difficult. When the game hinges so much on weapons this can be really brutal.

*We were promised a ‘unique roadmap’ that offered multiple levels of gear I believe WEEKLY in one of the ‘announcements’ months ago. I think we got it once…maybe twice? I mean that’s basically just an out and out lie. Also 6 star gear. We really need something even if it’s a very rare event that gives something to t4 6 stars. I know the gear has been out but for instance I am a very active player and a ‘decent’ spender on the top fac in my region and I don’t have one damn GPS or Canteen. I do have 12 maxed T3 6 stars though…LOL!

*Rewards more like this past weekend war. Yes I know most of you don’t agree but if the rewards wasn’t a 6 star or 5 star ascendable I would wager that on the top of everyones want lists in a poll of in game players would be everything that was on that reward list. Granted I think CRW especially should be an ascendable 5 star toon reward for sure. I mean you are the #1 faction in multiple regions in a multi day war? C’mon give us something tasty. Do away with the damn token only rewards. No one wants that. Go ahead and offer tokens sure…but not as the ‘centerpiece’ reward. Just make it less tokens as an ‘additional’ reward not the primary one.

*Overall I feel the communication and feedback to the players has been a huge improvement in the past few months. I can’t say how much I enjoy watching @kalishane @CombatDevIl @CombatMan @TheWalkerDude @Shawn.Scopely on these forums and active. They have even responded to messages I have sent personally and not just ‘doing their job’ but legit seem like they care about helping the community.

An especial shout out to @CombatDevIl who I have seen even come out of his way on the weekends when they obviously must have off and normally don’t post a lot. One time I even messaged him kind of calling him out on something that he had said but I had the wrong person lol. He was very nice about it and I apologized for making the mistake. Could have just as easily been like f this dude that wasn’t even me!

This list is by no means a complete list obviously but it’s a start.


Well stated post OP but…

We’ve seen these posts non stop on both the new and old forums with zero change on a majority of issues. Scopely clearly has their own priorities, and listening to their player base isn’t one of them.

Until people stop spending mass amounts on coins en mass, nothing will. Which is sad that’s what it takes to be heard as a whole. :frowning:


Head’s up, Im gonna be away until Monday. Vacation mode on :stuck_out_tongue:


Nooooooo you will be missed, even if it is for a short period of time :slight_smile:


Enjoy your time off man! We will be here when you get back and I’m sure will have a few questions for ya lol