My Compensation

A company as reputable and successful in making millions who constantly update and refresh their money making events and tactics thru must have and expensive toons and in-game weekly events that ensure they keep raking in the money surely can fix issues like this one today in a war we wanted/needed ALL the rewards from? In terms of announcing and then running half cooked events that ruin so many ppls game experience (especially lately) from time and money invested brings me to the main Question: is Scopely capable of coming good with any promises or even leaving alone the straight forward events like wars so that we all can still enjoy something in the game? If you can’t pull/stop this event right now then I think you need to compensate EVERYONE with the all the MS rewards! It won’t cost you anything but as a game designer you are looking very dodgy and incapable of recognizing you aren’t just losing players and payers because of this constant but soiling your own reputation #FIXYOURGAME #MSCOMPENSATION!! allow your designers and coders the time needed to do this by closing the game down atleast once per month after leagues standings ends for afew hours and work on it… pay competent ppl to do the job for a change hey?


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