My Cat is Trouble


This little bugger has actually deleted a 5* toon from walking on my keyboard whilst I slept; What cat stories do you have?


Mine tapped the app menu and almost closed the app while I was auto farming. Pawsies are conductive on touchscreens, I guess


I played a war game called battle dawn - 3 months into it and a cat deleted one of my team mates camp - just the right keys- we did laugh. She was so upset - I still find it amusing…


I have touch screen as well - its a problem with cats. Dogs are fine. Dog may bite me a bit in the ankle to wake me but never touches the keyboard. Soft bite - no skin break.


My cat sits on my hand in war - he does it on purpose. Only in war - other times no interest. It is hard to move your hand with a fat cat sitting on it.