My bucket is leaking xp

Sort your s**t out scopely - I have been stuck on level 60 for ages despite having full xp. When I check my profile it says I have 1378223% xp until the next level.

You pretty much can’t do anything right can you.


Put a ticket in for your bucket lad



@Smokebelch cover up your account code!

What did support say when you opened a ticket? Normally when this happens, it just takes 1xp to get to the next level.

You need receipt now anyway if someone wanted to get his account

Thanks Zak :slight_smile:

@LadyGeek I ever raised a ticket in the end. I dunno if there was some lag going on but after I finished the daily sr and then a couple of 13:3’s I got a pop up randomly saying my level increased

Got it. “For ages” seemed to me more like days or weeks, not just waiting for server sync to finish. Glad it’s worked out now.

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