My belonging Columbia (JP) is an old and huge area


My belonging Columbia (JP) is an old and huge area.
The tournament is a fierce battlefield.
This will halve your motivation.
Is it impossible to increase the frame according to the size of the area, or to include an important event token for the mile reward?

Last level up tournament


So… you understood that?


Depopulated areas will be dissatisfied in depopulated areas.
There are dissatisfactions in an excessive area in an excessive area.
More than half of the overcountry areas are far from reaching the tournament fee.
There are too many people who can not enjoy events.
I have not told you to make the mile reward 4,000,000.
If there is a broken heart in mile rewards, you will be able to enjoy the event.
If the rank fee reaches 2,000 people, will be able to enjoy the event.


It is a request to adjust the number of ranking compensation according to the number of participants in the area.
Is an event that can not enjoy more than half of healthy areas sound?


So you are asking for more ranking placements? Like for it to be over 1000 for a event?


Events where half can not be enjoyed will make the area decline.
Top rankers will also quit the game.
I will quit despite enjoying the lower players.

I am ranked in, so advice and worry are useless.


There will be reasons for becoming depopulated areas.
The huge area will decline because half of the participants can not enjoy events
It can not be said that there are more than half of the participants who can not receive broken hearts at events


I actually think what he is saying is that he would like to see the actual prize tiers (not individual milestones) extended out a bit to account for the robust level of participation in his region. Most of us who have been around a while can only dream of a region that healthy.


Even the new regions aren’t that active lol


I don’t enjoy any of the events, yet somehow I’m still here after nearly two and a half years!


My English is not well understood and it is not transmitted.
The area to which I belong is the area where new players do not enter.
In events where more than half of players can not enjoy, motivation of existing players can not be preserved.
More people are going to quit.
Do you agree with decreasing by half?
After that?
Do you agree with the dead area?
In the event of taking weapons, the goal was set according to the size of the area.
In the same way it is necessary to consider the number of ranking compensation in the size of the area.


Unfortunately you are correct, a good portion of your message is being lost in the translation. I understand the overall sentiment, but not certain sentences. I’m not sure that ‘enjoy’ is the correct word for whatever meaning you are trying to get across. Perhaps another attempt will get your thoughts across?


Are you suggesting that reward tiers should be scaled to an appropriate level based upon the region’s overall activity? Of all the threads out there this one is the most fascinating to me. I genuinely enjoy trying to decode your messages.


yes! yes! yes!
It is a proposal to adjust the number of ranking compensation according to the size of the area (* ^^ *)
In this way, the area to which I belong will decline.
The goal has great influence on people’s motivation.


[Weapons to be taken event], but the target size was set by the size of the region.
If this event is [fair】 the same goal setting?
Can you enjoy small regions where you can not achieve your goals?
If there are many times in a week, motivation falls.
I can not enjoy the size region that can easily achieve the goal.