My Alpha is broken - attacks the wrong person despite clearly having a specific opponent selected

Green decap Alpha. Anyone else experiencing this?

Thought i was imagining things at first but it keeps happening, not every time but fairly often (with basic attacks, not AR). I believe it’s specific to alpha, but it’s possible that’s because it’s much more obvious when you try and decap someone and the wrong person is attacked altogether.

-1 to anyone who asks if she was confused, taunted, or if it was a human shield she attacked instead.


Can you get video of this happening?

EDIT: Was she confused, taunted, or was she attacking a human shield instead?


Not super easily but i will try.

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It’s not just Alpha for me. It’s randomly any toon. Sometimes 2 or 3 will attack the selected toon and then switch to another


All three, of course.


was there a shield and if so was focus cast on some of your toons but alpha not being one of them which will allow you to still select past the shield but will only attack the shield

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This has happened to me a couple of times, but realised that my phone screen is super sensitive and as I’m selecting a specific toon to attack, my palm his clipped the edge of the phone and has deselected the toon at the very last minute leaving it to AI to target a random toon of its choosing… Could be that?

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Guys i’m not a noob, there was zero reason for her to attack anyone other than the selected toon (taunt, confuse, shield). Not a case of fat fingers or whatever either because (in the most recent instance at least) my tablet was on a flat surface and i was using 1 finger, plus on the subsequent turn the selected enemy who should have been attacked, was still selected.

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Have you tried different devices?


Characters have a hidden intelligence stat. Decides what they do and whether it makes sense that they do it.

intelligence = 10/100
Rarely uses his turn 1 active on defense.


Haha, could be. I’m always surprised when cole uses his active quickly, he’s so shy about it.

I switch between devices here and there but it’s primarily the same one.


Where is your Alpha position in the team?

I actually found this in previous update.

I guess Scopely has redefined the “clickable” spot. It is much smaller than before and is not in the right area.

My observation is in the 5th position, the clickable spot is a little bit “shift” from correct position (and is much smaller than before) and it will always make you select the wrong opponent.


How quickly do you tap? I have noticed, mainly on things like FA, that if I have a target selected and manually tap through the team quickly occasionally one or two characters will attack a second target, even if the main target remains selected. That’s not character specific so probably not what is happening to you. Guess we need that video …


I have yet to see him use it turn 1.

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Just some questions cause this truly needs a vid for help.

Are you playing in auto mode?
Do you use guardian in your team?
Is there any char in oponents team that has confounding?

I have the same issue at times. I select a toon to attack and let’s say one of my toons will atack it only to see the other ones hit at random and, with some of those teams we’re up against, once you have fucked up then you may as well flee.

I’d get a video if it was a regular occurrence. It is random though so Im not going to record my every raid or war battle.

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I find this happens when I click through rush animations, or tap the screen in general to speed things up during a fight. Enemy toons just end up un-selected and your characters do what they want ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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