My account was hacked

Hello. A few days ago my account was hacked from the walking dead by Facebook and I was unable to use it.
I contacted the operation but did not recover my account even if I sent my purchase history and account code. What is their job?
Does anyone know how to solve it?


They most likely have nuked it. Not much you can do. sounds like someone used device id duplicate to by past facebook.

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I may have linked my account to another Facebook account. Can my account be returned?

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slim % it might

What do you mean?

Had this with my main before they nuked it like plebs. The relink % is low will send you in a loop of a new account. And if you do somehow get it back turn 2 step on.

What you can do is uninstall the game turn phone off turn back on and try for brand new account. When and if scopely you ask if they can unlink that Facebook and have it sent to (new account) you would give them that said account code then relink your Facebook again or dummy account. I had this happen 2 times the first time they fixed it 2nd time they nuked it and banned it forever reason

Before anyone does go reee no you don’t need players account codes to be hacked that’s not been a thing for years… device id duplicate via an android emulator is how people lose their accounts now days unlikes peoples facebooks without need go near facebook. Why 2 step stops this. @Saltbot2 seems be another case of this crap

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‘For whatever reason…”. Lol

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Happy birthday!

My whole phone was stolen before awhile ago. I filled their question thing (what fac your in, the last time you logged in, account number and proof of purchase, I also lost my Facebook account login so I couldn’t just unlink it and be on my way) and they moved my whole account to my new phone fast. Idk why they can’t help you like they helped me :disappointed: no issue with the Facebook or anything.

Did they change your password on your Facebook? (Locked you out)?

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There 100% is an issue with device ID duplication and emulators which was reported to jb before he left with explanations of how it was achieved.

The official party line was then emulators aren’t officially supported , ignoring the fact you don’t have to use an emulator at all for this to affect you or your account.

Whilst this hasn’t affected me @christopher , I do have a friend who can, still, months later, replicate this at will and “steal” accounts on a emulated device.

It’s remarkably easy to do and I do believe some, not all, of the people affected are completely innocent of anything TOS related. Far easier to outright say you don’t support emulators than admit there maybe an issue with account security though eh.

I await this happening to a high profile name in the community as we may actually see it acknowledged properly

I’ve left out how the method is done purposely. I will not add anything further in terms of technical aspects to stop a fresh slew of account hijackings unrelated to those who purchase from third party sites.


It has happened to a high profile player before. Justabox or 999gaming I think it was.

That one wasn’t justabox, but I couldn’t tell you who it was because I’ve long forgotten. Also, that incident was someone making a point that all you need is an account code to steal another player’s account - they took the account code from one of the YouTube videos and social engineered a support person into moving that account onto their device.

Since then, they’ve changed their support policies so an account code is not enough to get an account moved to your device. But, years later, players still get nervous about sharing account codes and any post on the forums with an account code in it will still get flagged.


I’d post my account code, I’ve got balls of steel.

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Would love know what i did with shit toons AVG scores on war with that account :joy:

Either that or you have a roster of crepe?

So if your account is hacked there’s absolutely nothing you can do to get it back?

Although I admit I spent ALOT of money to this game. Maybe that’s why they helped :rofl:

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