My Account ist stolen

Hello my Account was hacked und stolen and the Support want help. I have all needed informations Kontocode payments send but there Answer is bad luck and my Tickets was closed. M Facebook Account wasn’t hacked so i dont know wat happened. Has anyone a Kontakt to Scope where i can ask for help ?


Hey Beller,

Maybe try to contact google play or the appstore, and tell them that this game has a securityproblem… they surely will have a look at it…

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They’ll return dat account and then they’ll take it a week later :v

Worth the risk better than loosing it for good

If you used an emulator like Blue stacks, this can easily happen.

I dont have used VK or an emulator i only play with an Android phone

Just to be clear, I was not making an accusation. Just providing info :blush:

I wouldn’t say my things were stolen if I was the one giving them to a stranger behind a screen to improve them. If you know what I mean .

He didnt give his Data to someone else! That bullshit talking of people who have no clue.

You’ve been Zuckerbergerd
Your data was a hit by him and it has been stolen
Your rts acount is doomed
But you free fly away fly free

You have to love the RTS Community. 1 person helps him and a few accuse him of cheating. Power to the players! Lmao


Cuz a lot of ppl hack, me included.
The difference being, I do it myself rather than pay someone.

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Oh. He’s totally a hacker. It was just impolite to point it out! :laughing:

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Before you “assume“ try this crazy method called
Just because you hack, doesn’t mean everybody else does.

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I said a lot, not everybody.
Work on your reading comprehension skills.

Oh well, but doesn’t change the fact, that you hack, and a LOT others.
But that kind of posts helps nobody… maybe yourself, in boasting your hack abilities :wink:

Thanks, I’m a damn cool guy if I say so myself, and I do.

yeah. hacking makes you super cool

Thanks babe.