My 6* Rick & his Weary Machete

Okay before yall start posting hate comments about your weapons is trash blah blah blah i want to say not everyone has stun or impair because its hard to get good traits in this game but here is a Comic Lore Friendly Rick

I have 4 other Ricks Machetes and im trying to get absolute defense and a huge bonus to ap when attacking or taking damage or maybe even defense but since it is a 3* weapon it only has 2 slots i cant add attack because its in the first slot i did the math and if i get absolute def and 30 def plus the attack built init i can get it to 330 and that would be great but please comment on what i should put on it i wpuld love to hear yoir feedback and please no hate i will flag it :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


TBH I would go with AD & remove the attack and replace with 30% defence. Already has a large ap bonus.

If you’re struggling for 4* weapons you can also attempt AS on a 1* weapon. There’s only 1 upgrade so you’re limited in what other stats you get but it uses different success resources so gives you many more attempts at a critical success.


Comic lore friendly would be him using a hatchet. The machete is a scopely original weapon. Rick almost exclusively uses his police firearm, a hatchet, or his cane in the comics.


Yeah but still tho :joy:

He dosnt have ap on it originally i put the ap there this is a blank one

Insterting hate comment here. :joy: Sorry just messing with you. If you land absolute on one of the others with no mods I’d go ap boost on it as well and leave the 15% att. Good luck hope u get absolute soon.

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Thanks jason im trying my best wasted 14 kits for it and still nothing

Stun took me forver to get I know how u feel.

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