My 14 Grievances

This is a simple checklist of all my problems with the game currently. I understand that scopley is likely never going to fix these issues, but this is simply to organize our concerns. Feel free to add.

  1. The depot resets every 7 days. This is too long.
  2. Governor and Eugene still haven’t been made ascendance yet, amongst others. (not enough f2p reds)
  3. Terrible Prizes Overall- Still no ascendance 5 stars as prizes. Faction tourney prizes are bad
  4. Buffing Certain Wheels: Basic Rewards and helper tokens should be reverted back to the old odds. Prestige tokens should only drop 5 stars. (Edit: I Previously said something that wasn’t an improvement to the game, and that was more about our feedback.)
  5. Prestige Michonne must be made ascendance. She serves no purpose and costs around 4k DOLLARS for most people.
  6. An update to war crates. (this was previously “not enough food”, but that issue has been addressed)
  7. Unreasonably priced offers.
  8. No Weapon Part Farmable Map in months. (this was previously The 3Rd place can issue, but this has been fixed.)
  9. Not enough war cans in circulation. War is boring when you have no cans.
  10. T4 and T5 assaults aren’t discounted ever, even though that’s the only ones anyone does.
  11. Tara is nearly impossible to obtain.
  12. Make more old toons ascendable. Where is blue Andrea? Yellow Morgan?
  13. No legendary gear map as of yet.
    And most important of all…
  14. FARMABLE GEAR MAP!!! Please were begging you.

Lmao… 7 chars

inb4 fanboys will say these are non-issues.

Thier grievance to your grievances:

  1. We can’t make money off those changes.

The saddest thing is that it can make money in the long run, but scopley just seems to be interested in quick, easy paychecks instead of boosting morale.

No. He is supposed to be ascendable though

Pay for them

For what?

for everything :joy:

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@kalishane can you please respond to at least some of these? Especially #8 since this issue has gone ignored since the beginning of war. Thanks

What others would you suggest?

Great. Quoting takes away the numbers…anyway.

Great points all around. Thank you for taking the time to sum up issues a lot of us have with the game.

Yeah about the michonne I’m not a p. 12 either. I just think it’s unethical to have someone spend 4k for an amazing character, only to have them suck later.

Replies in strong text

Yeah the war cans are a bit subjective, but with the current system you’ll run out of cans within a few wars. Mark my words

Still awaiting a response. I understand that you don’t have many answers for these, but at least recognize it. @kalishane

And then the OP said…

Wait What?

None of that is going to happen. Like, you know that right?

I might as well give up. Kali, or anyone at scopley, or avoiding this post like the plague.