Musuem Items are Gone Beach Balls

What happened with them, there was NEVER a timer on them so It was obvious they would stay like Axel, Blue Carl, back in the day. Only the tokens had a timer. So are so close getting a character. Did you “SCOPES” hide them to return another day, OKAY but it they are gone we received NO NOTICE by timer or compensation for them being converted to SP points.

You promised things, so do it

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The wheel had a timer

They were converted into disappointment.


I’m at work and I literally laughed out loud and now everyone knows I’m not really working. :joy:

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It was a visual glitch but there was a timer, im pretty sure it matched the timer on the wheel.

Interesting, I had no timer display, figured it worked like the Blue Carl did.

More Scope BS. Test guys, how would I even know it was suppose to have a times

Dev who cooked this one up got extra crack for the weekend…
‘Wait till you hear this idea guys, we have them grind for weeks on events, we give them a few rewards, but never quiet enough for a pull & then we take it all back’

The timer disappeared once you had some beach balls, etc. which is why mine had a timer still. Had i collected any beach balls i wouldnt have a timer.

Good way to frick over your players.

Just messaged Scopely to give me my beach balls back!

Did you get a toon?

Yes I did

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