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Me too sort of. Just a lover of 70s/early 80s punk and hardcore

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Big boys, jfa, minor threat, subhumans. Too many to list

My gosh I haven’t heard anybody mention JFA in years. Except the other day with my sister-in-law and I were talking about it. Ironically the same day I was helping her cousin do some work and he asked if I had said he lives on my phone. I said of course I do

Gives me a bad link

yea, I fix it

They’re great and I like their surf stuff lol (My Movie is the best)

precisely. seems odd that ppl can have comunication and agree yet disagree but still be human.


Really awesome seeing all the skate punk and talk about hardcore in the recent posts here!

Went through my YouTube favorites playlist and found some really awesome gems from months/years ago. I always loved the sort of atmospheric and melancholic feel this song has. Not particularly a fan of the unclean vocalist, but the guitarists really steal the show imo.

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In light of the late great Keith Flint.

Prodigy were and are outstanding transcending group. Saw them once at Download festival


Complainer by cold War kids, and sturgill Simpsons sing, dudes pretty talented doing this album for that.

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Worth saying, people on this channel, love you long time. Bad jokes, guilty of.

Yet we keep putting songs and things out to each other.
Just changed my mind

Picked this one because was done proper . look at how one loses the .

Truth is, life has always been hard. This is nothing new. New thing is ppl crying and asking for help and not willing to do for themselves.

My round has come around.

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reminds me of running home to see this cartoon

I watched th3e toon ery day

Only care a lil bit what some of yall think. Truth is what I membered. Been there, and mostly yall been there.

havent we all been there?

so stupid
Ill make a song

Is it wrong to try to survive everyone>?

All these kids that want to kill em selves. Stop being a ■■■■■. Grow the f up and be there for your kids. Sorry that you can’t be a child once you have children. Welcome to the real world.


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Wham! - careless whispers is the greatest of all

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My favorite song is Estranged from Guns N 'Roses Band.

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While this is only a teaser for their upcoming album in 2020, this instrumental track is literally better than the entirety of their 2017 self-titled record.

When you said suicide silence it makes me think of some of the originators in my opinion or perfectors of the dirty clean lyrics.