Music! What're You Listening To? 🎵

Me too sort of. Just a lover of 70s/early 80s punk and hardcore

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Big boys, jfa, minor threat, subhumans. Too many to list

My gosh I haven’t heard anybody mention JFA in years. Except the other day with my sister-in-law and I were talking about it. Ironically the same day I was helping her cousin do some work and he asked if I had said he lives on my phone. I said of course I do

Gives me a bad link

yea, I fix it

They’re great and I like their surf stuff lol (My Movie is the best)

precisely. seems odd that ppl can have comunication and agree yet disagree but still be human.

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Really awesome seeing all the skate punk and talk about hardcore in the recent posts here!

Went through my YouTube favorites playlist and found some really awesome gems from months/years ago. I always loved the sort of atmospheric and melancholic feel this song has. Not particularly a fan of the unclean vocalist, but the guitarists really steal the show imo.

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In light of the late great Keith Flint.

Prodigy were and are outstanding transcending group. Saw them once at Download festival

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Complainer by cold War kids, and sturgill Simpsons sing, dudes pretty talented doing this album for that.