Music! What're You Listening To? 🎵

Anything by the Weeknd is fire … Solid pick!

Bonus favorite new Slipknot songs off of We Are Not Your Kind:

Jay’s drumming is so good in Red Flag…that ending is bliss

With the majority of the music posted here how has nobody posted the new Tool yet? Well, forget that I’m into these tonight instead…

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Like the slow low… makes it easy t sleep.

I probably would’ve posted it if I was more into Tool. Unfortunately I’m in the minority just don’t enjoy them all that much. Total respect to them though. At least they finally can break the whole joke about them taking centuries to write a new album lol.

Usually I post heavy metal in this thread, but I happen to enjoy softer indie music when it rubs me the right way. Enjoi.


Non-fans are probably gonna hate this track, but I love it.
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I been thinking of quitting the whole thing, but then rememb4erd this chan.

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is this the Dutch language my good friend? :grinning:

I play and I slep and just try to.

linkin park numb cure

Looks like paint, dont it I request anyne t propose better.

I make all the songs. for spare the skys.

I guess im the worstest being myself. Don’t you ever think that you have the best idea ever? So I say be the best you.

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The new Knocked Loose album came out yesterday and it’s sooooooooooo good, oh my lord. It’s like picking your favorite child trying to pick which ones to link here.

Gotta link the two tracks with the guest vocalists though. They brought a breath of fresh air to this record for sure. Emma from Dying Wish has similar vocals to Bryan and I am fully under the assumption that she is his doppelganger with female anatomy. Y’all might know Keith from ETID. He’s awesome too. I also still can’t get over the frickin’ heaviness of Mistakes Like Fractures…GAWD DAYUM that ending breakdown literally makes skyscrapers crumble.
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Last week of summer.

Let it crumble. Only the strong survive.

Maybe my generations will be around to tell the story.

3 fav albums this week so far



What I just listened to before I listen to the new posts…