Music! What're You Listening To? 🎵

Good music in this thread. Figured I’d add my current heavy rotation to the mix.

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Digging that phunky bass line. I give that nasty plus two

I think He looks less than amazing. To heavy on the lipstick.

was at this release party. Got the collector set as a gift. Super thick red and blue.

nod to Dust brothers at six thrity

Can’t believe I’ve gone this long without sharing my boys. If I could, I’d share their entire discography here, but I’ll keep it short.

I gotta stop before I get carried away lmaooo

Feeling something bit different atm.

Found the the guy that gets it.

Keeping with the self reflection theme

DISGUISE IS FINALLY HERE! The new Motionless In White album dropped 24 hours ago (not including the time that the album was leaked beforehand) and it’s really solid all around. These are by far my two favorite tracks. Go and stream the album on YouTube or elsewhere.

Summary of “Thoughts and Prayers”: Double bass intensifies, BLEGH, & heavy riffs

Summary of “Headache”: Linkin Park

Ill give it a spin. Second one is way better. First impression: Didn’t Limp Buizkit do Shup up first?

The guitarist for limp went by the name of West Morlin. Spelling is bad but if you remember history, He said we should have nuked the Koreans. Would have ended that war.

I think we are at war now, most ppl just don’ know it yet.

looks flashy

That is almost as much as I have to say about that besides this;

Scopely’s Favorite Song

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Sometimes all about those dollars and cents…

This an antii-faschist anthim. Based on individual freedom. I stand by that.

Lets bring debate and dialogue. Lets bring back discourse.

Since is what we listening to, found this

Said it before but Wes Morlin on guitar. Someone that is so committed to hammer the dj or strings.

variations make flaver

More djentcore for ye.

Exactly the way the game has me feeling at the moment.

What I imagine Scopely listens to while reading this forum.

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I’m not usually into EDM/pop music, but hory sheitu, my boys feature in Marshmello’s new track and I’m absolutely in love with it. Jeremy sounds so damn good.


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Who does not like a tasty Marshmallow?

Used to swear by my Man Emenem, then he says some stupid stuff, got political, and I waited for the chance…

Then these guys did it.

playlist keepers

Looking for Who comes the sun mix, but this may do…

dark piano. harpsichord. I’m enjoying this.

this is what I was looking for, a Doors Chrystal Method mix:

Next song: