Music iPhone update

I know this might seem like a small bug but is anyone having issues playing their normal music while on the game? Used to be able to listen to music and raid and such. Thank you.

I use headphones and on game start up the music pauses, I just hit play again from the headphones and music resumes.

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Yeah I used to do that but it won’t stay playing after I hit play again

Is it on iPhone? Restart device, it’s an iOS bug.


You’re my fave person it worked :heart_eyes:

Switch on and off = magic :musical_note:

Thanks for the insider tip @High_Power
(You may now work hand in hand with Kodak!)


I’ll take it to the team.

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We need Taylor swift to war!!

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I wish the game wouldn’t do this when the audio is disabled (Toggle Audio unticked in the game or volume sliders turned down.)

Really annoying when the game crashes and then also silences the music you have playing when it reloads.

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