Museum: where to find?

These toons don’t have any means to obtain according to the ‘where to find’ link. How are we s’posed to complete these collections??

These are the ones I’m missing, but I’m sure there are others…!




edit: I don’t know what I’m talking about. Saw Jesus and assumed it was about winter characters.
Shat myself on this one.

100% need the Carl the yellow Jesus and hip thrusting Zeke

These arent the winter toons. These are old toons

old toons that don’t exist any wheels either, museum got them because was active back then… one more proof that scopely don’t know what they are doing, just open your wallets… load credit cards even cant get all with those

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Some characters got lost when the recruits & rewards pools got refreshed with Ascension

There’s work underway to add all those characters and possibly more into various locations within the game

Unfortunately, even once that’s up, Where to find isn’t a perfect system, though we’re also looking at trying to improve it.

Locations that I know don’t always show up there accurately:

  • Training Ground Courses
  • Supply Depot

Locations that are accurate

  • Recruits and Rewards
  • World Map and Roadmaps

Thanks for letting us know it’s being worked on. Not being able to complete museum collections is annoying


Awesome! Thanks for your reply

i got negan when he was premier… after that i dont know anyone got him… and that was long before ascesions
he is 1 and half year old toon, still one rarest toon in game

Red jail Negan was in a wheel a while back with yellow dr Stevens and sawyer green that’s where I remember getting him

Do you know if new collections are being worked on by any chance?


ouh ok, well still he is rare toon :slight_smile: