Museum rewards claim button


I have 10k corns and i have to claim it 50 times. :grin::grin:. Why there is no button to claim all at once ? :sweat_smile:


coz thats to much coding for there poor skills.


yes thats like seeling items in the inentory… just try to sell 9.000 pieces of something…


Yeah I know the feeling, I collected 100 of these collections last night, awful design, and I also agree about trying to sell 9000 of an item in your inventory, they should at least by able to have another button where we collect/sell a certain number at a time, for collections 10 would be ok, for the inventory maybe 100 for 1* items down to 50 for 2* items etc. I am happy not have a sell all option, as a lot of the time i wold overfill my food quota, and that would be harder for them to code maximum amount you can than to just have a button that does a set amount for each press.

But those sorts of quality of life improvements never seem to gain traction as everybody agrees but is too worried about shoddy rewards, cheaters, latest hack, next promo toon etc to ever keep pushing these forwards. we also know they are short of Developers and they are concentrating on other things for now, but these are the sorts of improvements that would actually really help the player base.


Apparently bulk select for selling is in next update



Cheers for the info.

When is the next update?


They said it could take weeks to get the all clear. It will also fix the assault faction issues


I also have 10k corn and as a silent protest, I’m not turning them all in just because of how many times I need to click. 50 claims, 3 clicks / claim is 150 clicks.

No thanks.


What’s even worse is that I had more than 20,000 corn to turn in.

How broken is a system, that after I farmed all week I was only able to obtain 2000 turkeys. And I’d buy the last few.

The system would only let me turn in 20000 corns.

My other 4000 went to waste


Because that requires work and does not involve $$$.


This almost seems like a new bug. Hopefully they can use the feedback.

OH WAIT, YOU MEAN we complained about this last CHRISTMAS and it’s still a PROBLEM, who’d have thought ey?


Yet there is a buy all on some of the shop offers ;-).


Happy Birthday


To correct a statement, the selling improvement was for the Supply Depot, when selling weapons and characters. Will log an enhancement for that to get updated as well, though. Definitely not a great UX for selling a bunch of the same item from the inventory.


Would be great to have the ability to sell items on mass (i.e select quantity to sell).


it’s 1000x better and more ergo, IDK why they hide that method behind the first claim which is a really bad UX


Also logged an enhancement for collecting a Museum collection multiple times at once


This is slightly less of an issue than selling from inventory simply because it happens less often. Would still love it improved but for prioritization of Dev time inventory sales would be my preference.

Thank you for logging this though. Great to see feedback appreciated