Museum reset screwed over people who pulled before original timer reset


Anyone else notice the museum collections reset for more hours, even the ones you had previously pulled? If I had risked losing nuggets for supply points I could have pulled more gps and canteens…smh

Welcome back Kalishane
Wyatt how many times offered

typical scopely.

I knew they would reset the collection like last time but i assumed we would lose our nuggets.
Anyways, fucking thrash ending for a thrash event.


YEP, effing BS right here. Although, knowing my luck, I would have just wound up with another canteen…


Not sure what the right answer would have been. Had they not done this people would be complaining. There was no way to know they would do this.

I bet it was the janitor, late last night, got a text message, hey this is pancake, I am drunk with syrup, would you mind resetting the museum.


Lame but not surprising lol




They must be very mean in real life,too.


The right answer is to not schedule events that end when rewards have not had the chance to be claimed for some people , or alternatively they could have simply extended the timer with no reset of the collection. Im pissed as i could have had 4 more gps/canteens but got bandoliers i dont use instead.

Scopley New Year Same Problems, not giving me much hope for any real improvements


Personally very happy they did this. Set my alarm for before the hand in and then completely ignored it this morning. Was expecting some “sweet” depot points so was pleasantly surprised
Rng still fucked me though


I was 75 nuggets short of Wyatt last night, and saw the deadline coming up so I spent my nuggs.

Fuck this game


This is one of the few times where a few players might benefit. Good for them. Unfortunately I am not one of those as I woke up to collect. Oh well.


The right answer would be that they are announcing it before.

Or just do it next time right.


you could be bitter and sour over it…

But yeah… who gives a shit anyways. lol


It’s not a major balancing issue. Sure maybe a few have enough for an extra tier 4 6s but having already had fought some cheated teams, I’m not concerned.


Scopely announced that they would refund nuggets to those that wanted to respend them. Four of my faction mates got 18k nuggets refunded to them, and they then respent them how they wanted.


Really? Where was the announcement


Some of my people reached out to support. I also saw the response ss on one of these threads. You can message support and they will take back the gear you bought and let you respend up to 18k.


First they said they wouldn’t refund nuggets, then sent this out.


They have to let the option to everyone. Not only a few that have reached the support.
It is totally unfair @kalishane


They need to give everone all the nuggets they earned back, or some people are unfairly getting more rewards