Museum recruit bug

So I quit this game about a year or two ago and came back around three weeks ago. All this time I’ve been grinding to get some recruits from the museum but when I went to collect them they weren’t there for some reason. So I was looking for a while and saw that they were already claimed despite me not claiming them. A few of them were even over the collection limit like 20/4 or 5/1. Anything I can do or will I just not be able to claim them?

Side note the only recruits I’ve claimed so far are 5* Davie, Erin and Kapoor

Contact customer support in-game if not done yet… Describe your issue and tell them you have not been playing the game since a year.

It’s a known bug. Once you have the cards you need you can get support to claim the toon for you.
You can message them and ask but they can’t help before you have the actual amount of cards :slight_smile:

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