Museum premium stash


Is it possible to see who is going to be available in the museum collections? I was going to get Carl but now negan has popped up I’m wondering who else is going to be there?


I might have or might have not heard magna will be in it in 2 months and 1 week from now


I have the earrings, just realised it was negan before I pulled so I will keep hold of them until preferably Carl comes back


Don’t pull Negan. He’s meh at best. I don’t get why they change Carl (who’s awesome) for him. He’s only good as an enforcer with white Shiva and the new Davie to make a critical blood damages team.


I haven’t pulled him, I nearly fell for the trap though and noticed as i was about pull thinking it would be Carl again. Hoping McKenzie might be in there sometime soon. Holding out for her or Carl.


Wow… Thanx so much for mentioning this @Steph369! I had no idea they changed the toon in that collection. Probably oversight, but this really is inadvertently shady.

I was pulling those premium crates (not the supreme crates) with the chance of 1000 green coats before they removed them a few days ago.

If those 1000 green coat chance crates popped up in my shop today, I 100% would have nabbed a few - never realising it would have potentially ended in receiving a toon I never wanted in the first place.


Very sly by scopely. I was literally about to hit claim then I saw it was negan. Phew


Nice save man… I would have been straight onto support and if there was no immediate resolution there, I would be instantly onto GooglePlay in this instance.

If Carl doesn’t come back, I can’t see how you don’t have grounds to be refunded the resources/money you may have spent on any of the items needed for that collection during the period that Negan became the new reward.


We kinda need more information on this in general. I would cry if my jackets turned to depot points out of the blue. Glad I saved you the frustration anyway =}


I pulled all the bags possible last week for Carl and they went into cool down. Then scopes removed the bags before they cooled down leaving me needing 100 jackets. So I couldn’t get Carl :frowning:


Same and somehow I ended up 10 purple short which I now have


Are you holding on to them hoping for another toon?


Hoping its possible, they seem to be carrying forward. I have all I need now and hoping I don’t have to take negan


Same! Hoping they put Carl in or keep putting premium blues up like McKenzie etc.


Watch this be the last toon you can get with the jackets and then all of you guys will end up getting nothing


It’s almost bait and switch…almost


This negan is underrated in my opinion. Certainly not better than Carl but he’s a good toon. Definitely should advertise it being a different toon when the collection comes up.


The weird thing is that it’s not advertised at all, there’s 23 items in my Inbox->News, and none are for the Premium Collection. :man_shrugging:


With their track record of late, maybe it’s a mistake


Or should I say… “mistake”…