Museum numbers are wrong

Museum numbers are wrong which blocks me from collecting them.

I have enough cakes but did not collected any of them. They should be 0/*.

After multiple conversations kept telling me to wait.

And when are we going to see them knives coming? My James are getting 1 shoted by Christa now.
1 knife missing

Only 1 pic per post is allowed. Don’t blame me.

Ouch return of this bug again -_-

@GR.Scopely please have a look and fix asap, thanks.

Yikes…again? Makes me suspicious of their count. I write my collections down so I know where exactly I am. And screenshots after adding helps.

I have been waiting for an answer for 2 months now. So please tell me exactly what am I waiting for?

@yzka - Thanks for the report. Can you PM your account code and your main region of play?

Also for some additional knives will be made available soon so players can end their collection and upgrade their character.

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Done. Please check message.

@GR.Scopely, Hi, any updates?

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