Museum gps canteen collection pull: what kind of sick Christmas joke is this?


Worst thing is I’m not even surprised…


Is this a poll?

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  • No

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Ehhhhhhhhhh can't upgrade 5 canteens

Im opposite almost. 3 gps 0 canteen


All I wanted was 1 gps, 1 canteen and I wouldn’t care about the third.
Got 3 gps instead. :unamused:


needed at least 1 canteen. Did 3 pulls and got 3 gps.
I’m pretty sure, what i will get in the 4th pull.
Always the same here with the random stuff. more expensive guaranteed stuff would have been less disappointing.


I got one of each, moved on to dual holsters now.


Thanks scopely. Jesus christ.


RNG people… RNG.

Not surprised when this guy pulled 4 same weapons too:


4 canteens here, disgusted …


Got 2 of each. Rng working for me today.


4 gps here. faction mate got 4 canteens. this is seeming to be a patter n. intended pattern I bet. why does every last thing in this game have to involve rng . why can’t we just pick


I would try claiming 1, restart game, claim another, reset game, etc

if you know there is a problem with RNG you should not go and claim everything in 1 session. Maybe the RNG is session related and you can get more luck this way.


Seeing the pattern (I honestly didn’t think to see so much people in the same situation), it’s hard not to think it’s not a 50/50 odd. It really feel to me that every count has odd to have one of those two items on a 80/20 odds.

For myself, I always got more school bag and beannies and i seem to get more radio but i was lucky with those ones and it’s still prety balanced (like 2 to 5). I got one tm with 12 radios and 0 watch. That’s insane…


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You can think what you want :slight_smile:
Nevertheless, you and Houston are both wrong on the probability to get all four of the same. You definitely have to count the first one so it’s 1/2^4 = 6,25%.


10 radios 0 watches


That’s only if you were specifically trying to get four GPS. Once you’ve made the first pull The odds that the other three would match are then one in eight.

Because math.


I was lucky enough to get 1 canteen and 1 gps in the 2 pulls I tried. Shall i buy a lottery ticket now?


Wow that sucks mate. I hate to be a dick but i am on the opposite side of the spectrum. I had 1 gps and 1 hockey mask. First pull i got canteen, 2nd pull hockey mask, 3rd pull hockey mask.

One of the few times ever i have had scopley rng work completely in my favor. Hope the next ones are better for you.


All I need is a canteen. First pull was gps. No doubt my next three will all be gps.