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Never thought I would have more canteens and gps than sports gauntlets, knife sheaths, tripods and practice dummies… @JB.Scopely this is just sad when you can’t even t3 your pulled toons.


@JB.SCOPELY Any word on this?


I am so gear poor. Last gear map I went onto my stock of world energy cans to try to replenish night vision goggles, as I have 0. Farm, Farm, Farm. Guess what I still have 0 of. Night vision goggles. Not to mention all the legendary gear that I don’t have to t4 my many ftp legendary characters.

It would be interesting to try out some of the different characters I have in the waiting room, but at this rate, they will stay there.

It seems that every single thing is being pushed behind a pay to play wall these days. I might even consider making some purchases, I have been 100% ftp for awhile, if i thought it would get me somewhere. Truth is it won’t. Unless I am willing to drop enough cash to pull for double shield and revives, will have mediocre roster.

When I first started playing, I would use coins and try for the premiums. The result was, I have never gotten anything decent from payed pulls. When I tried for the gear offers, I get the absolute lowest items. This does not encourage more spending on my part, so I stopped.


jb.scopley we need a damm gear event so bad


I have the same problem can’t even tier 3 my toons got about four stuck there.


Currently on a pull hiatus due to missing museum gear events … Up to you Scopely if you want to continue without them


Still nothing from @JB.Scopely
Come on dude shed some light on this subject please


I think they aren’t going to bring back for a while it’s been a month cmon scopely get it together


Lots of gear paks for sale. Support your game make a gear purchase


People need to stop leveling up 6* they serve no real purpose then they won’t run out of gear for when they actually need it. I dont think their in a rush to do another museum gear give away. League store has gear for everyone to purchase with tokens. Too many people want handouts, they expect everything for nothing. I remember when the ultra gear map came once month if lucky. Now gear is given away in museums, in events, and now the league store. Just like all the people that want a free disarm, free shield, free revive. The game keeps going cause of people who spend money on this game. While I’m not denying that f2p plays a huge role but their has to be a significant difference for people to continue to spend and keep the game going. Theirs a lot just given away now compared to when I started. Yet everyone always crys for more.


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