Please do another gear event, you know we love getting toons and a lot of events to gain toons if we grind.

But without the gear event to level a 6 it’s so difficult 5’s are still a piece of piss but at times can be a struggle if you don’t farm the map regularly.

Could a gear event run along side the events that you currently have running so we can level our toons, getting excited about pulling a toon but being able to use it is another story!!


Completely agree with you


Agreed, there doesn’t need to be a character involved, but when I have 15-20 toons to T4, the tiny amount of gear we do get really doesn’t suffice


We need a event man atleast that way aswell we can prioritise what toons we actually wanna ascend instead of getting random gear out a bag and making do with ascending random shit


I’d need it too. I can barely t3 my toons…


and add lilliths !


@JB.Scopely you dropped a hint a couple of weeks ago about this.
Please get onto this. The store just isn’t enough. We need another gear collection ASAP
Thanks :+1:


Agree with you…:+1:


Thankyou all for getting on board the more the better!!


I’m sitting here with 5 toons I need to level basically a new team and I can’t get them above T2/T3


Sadly this has been requested for weeks and been ignored every single time.


Gear gear gear !!! When do we need it? now!! :slight_smile:


Museum collection or a roadmap. This is beyond insulting at this point.


8 6* stuck at tier 3 just a joke really playing same team as I did last war and war before that and probably even the next war and the one after that too.


I don’t have a ss, but they keep putting up that $25 alert/strong/fast/tough gear offer that gives you enough gear to t3 ONE 6* lol They don’t want you to get it for free via museum too often. They want you to be desperate enough to buy that crap a couple times.


instead they’ll get people not pulling with coins/cash cos why pull a toon u can’t lvl


No thanks, try again


Bumpity bump bump


This is what we get instead.


Gear famine is real ! Give us the collections please