Museum Collections/Santa medallions


Just noticed this in my museum collection, under my collections. Santa medallions have never been offered before, have they? Confusing. Anyone have any idea? It will only let me post one picture, but there’s a few more collections that have the Santa medallions as well.


Santa medallions is what you got after collecting the 12 robots. You need 12 medallions for a pull.

I don’t have this collection. Dis you receive a game update? or are you in Beta?


I know about getting them after collecting the 12 robots. Just not sure why they are showing up like this. No updates and I’m in bullock.


are you in beta you might have a higher version of game maybe?


They “re-use” tokens. Sometimes if you look at a collection offering tokens when there is no token event it will just say “limited time token”. It’s probably just their laziness or data limits


oh they just re use the token art for this.


damn, I had a shimmer of hope we would get more pulls.


lol yea same here^^


Me, too. Heartbroken sigh.


They just replace the ‘tokens’ slot for each event. Keeps them from having to recode each time they introduce an event. Replace the image and then magic. New event available. Then at end of event 0 everyone’s tokens. Rinse repeat.


That sucks. :frowning: was hoping for maybe a few extra pulls as well. Should have known better. Thank you all for the info.