Museum Collection Score?



Like the male nipple, why is it there?

and thanks to the Grain Silo collection, I’m rolling in them.

ps, please include a collect all button as they are taking a lot of effort to collect.


There’s a pretty definite reason why the male nipple is there actually but… nerd trigger aside…agreed. Reputation is in the same boat.


We, as a community should create a list of useless things in game and desperately needed features, so it would be easier to ignore us


Way ahead of you on that one… :grin:


Through Ascending 4*s, I realized that scopely has actually created a LOT of new toons in the last couple months…
Something people have been clamoring for… shame no body will ever use them.


You should visit Erica pulls thread then haha
People over here have serious gambling issues, but building a business upon people’s weak mind is a clever move
Just compare 2016|2017 events and I have a feeling they are not even trying anymore


I’ve posted a link to Richard Garfield’s Manifesto here. I recommend reading it.

We should put wood on it. :laughing:


Suggesting new features or possible useless ones is like writing to Santa Claus - no one cares, besides your parents :wink:


Back in the day @Dash envisioned a supply depot of sorts or prestige type system where museum points would be value added to the players. But I suppose they felt it was either too complicated and or not enough of a gimmick to push players to spend just to warrant following through.

The real question is, would yet another feature that never gets updated or even when it does, underwhelm you make any of this more interesting for you?